10 Best Amazon Accessories For The Oculus Quest 2 – Screen Rant

10 Best Amazon Accessories For The Oculus Quest 2 – Screen Rant

The Oculus Quest 2 is a great all-in-one VR system, but these accessories can make for a better user experience.
Virtual reality allows users to experience completely different worlds in such an immersive setting that they may find it difficult to switch between the real world and the games they are playing. While it's still early days for VR, with limited options for apps, there are solid entries in most gaming genres, whether they involve shooting, sports, or fantasy worlds. However, getting the most out of VR requires not just a gaming system, but also plenty of accessories that can take the system to the next level. The Oculus Meta Quest 2 is technically a standalone system, but it has its limitations.
Amazon has solutions to most of those problems in the form of accessories that can increase the quality and longevity of a VR session. While these are not mandatory, most are fairly inexpensive and provide players with a more comfortable experience. For those with Amazon Prime, shipping on most of these items is quick and free, making it ideal for personal problem-solving or as a gift for a VR enthusiast.
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Any Meta Quest 2 game out now can be played with just the standard headset and controllers, but that doesn't mean they can't be improved with attachments. The YOGES VR Game Handle Accessories are essentially sticks that extend the length of the controllers and/or attach them.
Reviewers expanded on the many uses: "Great handle extensions for the hand controllers for your Quest 2 to give a better feel for your light sabres in Beat Sabre. Easy to attach to give a firm connection and that extra length with a comfortable grip. Also gives you a better feel when playing any racquet or paddle sports. The handles can also be joined together for use as a golf club. Multipurpose for a great price!"
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The unbelievable immersion of virtual reality relies on two lenses, so a Lens Cleaning Pen is a quick and easy way to ensure a high-quality experience. The pen has two sides, with one serving as a brush to remove dust build-up in small spaces and the other cleaning oil and dirt from the lens without causing streaking.
As one reviewer shared, "I had just been using microfiber glasses cloths to wipe my Quest2 lenses when they would fog up or get a smudge. Turns out that doesn't work nearly as well as something like this. Instead of just moving the smudge around, this actually removes all residue."
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Many apps are available to be downloaded on the Oculus Store, but many others are only available through Steam or SideQuest. These apps are downloaded onto a computer, and generally require a completely different system, however, the Syntech Link Cable 16 FT allows data to transfer from a computer to the Quest 2 and back while also providing enough length to safely play more active games.
One reviewer gave potential buyers some advice: "Excellent materials, seems very durable, allowing me to play Skyrim VR with no issues! Those using Steam on a computer w/ a Meta Quest 2 be advised that you need to download Steam VR as well as the Oculus app and enable permissions to use Oculus link in the settings of the actual headset."
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There's nothing wrong with the look of the Meta Quest 2, but there's nothing particularly exciting about it either. Silicon Oculus Quest 2 Decorations change the plain, white equipment into a more personal, customizable device with a variety of colors and styles. The set includes a face cover, shell cover, lens cover, two grip covers, and five disposable eye covers, which add style, comfort, and protection to the gaming system.
One reviewer shared their experience: "It was easy to install and works well to help protect the VR from accidental nicks. It is not a super tight fit, but does not seem to slip of when using, so I don't see that as an issue. I did read some reviews about it block the signal from the remotes, but we haven't seen any of that. It also adds a nice look to the Oculus itself. Would definitely recommend for anyone who has an Oculus."
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Virtual reality is a lot of fun, but it takes some serious power. The battery can drain very quickly, so those planning to play for a long time may find that they need an extra battery that they don't need to fight with. The Moolechi Battery Pack For Quest 2 hooks directly onto the headset to add 2-3 hours of battery life with minimal weight and bulk.
The reviews speak for themselves: "Before buying this product we were lucky if we could get an hour of play time. … Now instead of an hour we can play for six hours with no problems. It doesn't hinder your game play at all. You will hardly know that it's there and the recharge process is quick and easy."
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One of the best parts of the Quest 2 is how portable it is, but it does need protection while traveling. The SARLAR Hard Carrying Case is the best-rated option for this, with a perfect fit, a sleek appearance, and bonus grip stickers and lens covers. Perfectly customized for the Quest 2, this case makes it easy and safe to take VR on vacations and to hang out with friends.
This might not be the nicest case out there, but reviewers say it does its job: "The case has survived going around the world a few times, being smashed under airline seats inside my backpack, and only shows a few smudges from being smashed up against everything along the way. Very happy for the money."
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Like all gaming systems, the Oculus Meta Quest 2 requires a lot of power, which is what makes the NexiGo Enhanced Charging Dock such a smart purchase. This charging dock provides a specific spot to keep the headset and controllers while not using them, and it fully charges the headset and controllers within about four hours.
One reviewer explained, "Although on the bigger side where the VR sits, it’s an amazing charging station offering magnetic charging for the VR and controllers. With LED lights turning from orange to blue letting you know the devices are charging to charged."
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Those who game a lot know that controller comfort is essential for those planning on playing for hours at a time. That's where the KIWI Upgraded Controller Grips come in. The grips protect the controllers from slipping or getting wet, and they have the added bonus of making the player experience a little more comfortable. They also come with a knuckle strap and battery compartment flaps, which make gameplay and battery replacement more effortless than ever.
These improvements really do translate into the game, with one reviewer saying, "The immersion factor has gone up 100% because I don’t have to worry about the controllers. I didn’t realize how much fiddling with the controllers mid game takes you out of it."
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The Quest 2 has pretty good sound quality from its built-in speakers, but the Soundcore VR P10 Wireless Gaming Earbuds increase the sound quality, eliminate audio delays, and limit outside noise pollution. The earbuds can connect to the Oculus and a phone, allowing users to take phone calls while gaming or use the earbuds for other devices.
The reviewers make it clear that these are some of the best earbuds out there for gamers and non-gamers, with multifunctionality and sound quality that is unmatched. While there is too much praise to put here, it can be summarized by saying, "they do what they say they will do, are super easy to use, comfortable, and they have unique features that you can't get in any other earbud (lag-free with the dongle)."
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While VR is a lot of fun, it's also pretty uncomfortable. The headset can leave marks on your forehead, and it often slips off during more active games. The KIWI Comfort Head Strap has increased cushioning, more size adjustments than the default strap, and includes a pivot that allows the headset to be lifted without being fully removed.
One happy customer shared, "Once I got it on and tried the headset on again it was like a whole new experience, not only does it look more like a vr headset should but it’s 1000x more comfortable. …This was the perfect accessory for the quest 2 and if I had to only pick one this would be it, since it can immediately improve your experience."
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