10 Best Features of macOS 13 MacOS Ventura – Sportskeeda

10 Best Features of macOS 13 MacOS Ventura – Sportskeeda

Along with leaf-peeping and the World Series, upgrading the macOS to that year’s latest iteration is one of the US’ most dependable fall traditions. macOS Ventura is a new version for this year, available as a free download for any compatible Mac. It’s a reliable, gradual upgrade that should be installed on every Apple computer.
However, there isn’t a pressing need to update if you’re still on macOS Monterey from a year ago until Apple issues the first point release, which will spare you from having to deal with the small flaws that will unavoidably appear in the initial release.
Ventura may not drastically alter your life, but it should certainly make it simpler and more effective. This article enlists 10 of the finest characteristics of MacOS Ventura.
When it comes to speed, dependability, and compatibility with a small selection of third-party apps, macOS Ventura holds up well. Installing the updated version today should be safe if you just use Apple’s built-in applications and frequently use third-party applications, such as all of the Microsoft 365 apps.
However, it is best to wait if you use something unconventional. To test out Apple’s most recent update without affecting your primary file system, you may instead create a secondary partition on your storage.
If passkeys become widely used, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the easily forgotten and phished passwords in the future. Passkeys employ cryptographic keys generated with Touch ID that is stored on your Mac or phone and exchange data with distant websites when you wish to log in.
Apple now supports passkeys in macOS Ventura. These cannot be stolen or phished since you can only use them from the device where you generated them.
With Messages, you can now invite many collaborators to edit documents and spreadsheets by issuing a single invitation to the whole thread. Additionally, the app now allows you to amend a message up to 15 minutes after sending it and to unsend it up to two minutes after it has been sent.
Don’t give up on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger just yet if you utilize their comparable unsend function; Apple allows the recipient to view the previous iterations of an updated text, so you can’t take back a scathing message that you wish you hadn’t written in the first place.
When you start a FaceTime call on your iOS device and move it close to your Mac, the call will automatically transfer to your Mac’s bigger screen. On your Mac and mobile devices, FaceTime also has a Live Captioning option.
Apple notes that this feature is in its beta stage. Obviously, it is not ready for prime time in its beta version, and still captions many words horribly, but Apple frequently makes significant improvements after introducing new capabilities like this one, so one may expect that to happen soon.
Previously exclusive to third-party apps, Mail now includes functionality. You can unsend a message in the first 10 seconds after sending it. Reminder notifications can be added to messages, which will cause them to return to your inbox at a time of your choice and a message can be planned to go out at any moment in the future. Mail will alert you if you reference an attachment in a message but fail to include it before sending it, just like Thunderbird and other email clients do.
Bring your phone and Mac close to one another and make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (or Bluetooth turned on) to utilize your phone’s high-tech camera instead of your Mac‘s basic lens. FaceTime, Zoom, and other applications will showcase your iPhone as a webcam that is accessible for usage. This is known as the Continuity Camera.
The most attractive feature is that it makes it easier for you to concentrate on your work by relocating the active app to the center of the screen and all other open windows to a stack of thumbnail photos arranged in a row on the left.
When you click on one of them, it effectively takes center stage while the app that was previously in the leftmost position moves to the right (as if they were on stage right). By dragging a second thumbnail into the open window, you may add a new window.
You can activate this feature via the Control Center in the menu bar or by creating a keyboard shortcut, but (as of now) there is no option that lets you create a trackpad motion to activate it.
Apple is constantly integrating the functionality of its applications to make them more useful. When you touch the space bar on an item in the search list in Spotlight, you can now launch a QuickLook preview, just like in the macOS Finder. Spotlight also enables you to look up images on your Mac using their locations.
The macOS system toolkit now has a more similar appearance to the iOS Settings app. On the left, there is a column of buttons including Wi-Fi, General, and Wallpaper, each of which opens to a sizable panel containing pertinent settings. Even though it is now seamlessly integrated into System Preferences, the About this Mac program is still accessible via the Apple menu.
Long-time users might miss the previous canvas-style panel of icons, but the new layout is far more sensible.
A host of new features, including those for Safari, have been added to Apple’s standard suite of applications with the release of macOS Ventura. Shared Tab Groups are the most significant change.
Working alongside co-workers? Organizing with relatives? Putting off tasks with friends? Establish a Tab Group so that each participant may share webpages, create tabs, and view what others are viewing in real-time so you can all browse together.
Additionally, Tab Groups have their own start page, bookmarks list, and the ability to initiate FaceTime and Messages chats directly from Safari.
It’s one thing to recognize the topics in an image, but another to isolate them. Visual Look Up allows you to eliminate the backdrop from images or raise subjects out of them like something from a detective show on television. It is perfect for stacking photographs in Photoshop and creating internet-famous memes. Compatible applications on macOS Ventura include Photos, Screenshots, Safari, and others.
Improvements in data detection elsewhere will also help Live Text: in macOS Ventura, you’ll be able to copy text straight from stopped video frames or perform one-click operations related to the discovered text. Consider parcel tracking, language translation, and currency conversion.
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