10 best rhythm games on Android – Android Police

10 best rhythm games on Android – Android Police

See games that end up as music to your ears
Longer playing sessions from story-heavy RPG games and time-consuming MMOs can put a strain on our phone battery. Our favorite Android gaming phones demand a diversity of games in our library, and it certainly never hurts to add a few rhythm games to the mix. The combination of mobile play and quick gaming sessions with rhythm games will keep you entertained while lightening up the load on your battery.
This is why we've compiled a list of some of the best rhythm games you can find on Android, offering well-polished gameplay for all the finger-tapping exercises you're about to do.
Deemo doesn't just deliver a spectacular rhythm game — it brings in an emotionally touching modern-day fairy tale that offers a heartwarming story centered around Deemo and Alice. You'll follow Deemo, a mysterious shadowed figure trying to help Alice, a little girl who mysteriously appears in the sky and can't find her way back home.
Deemo is a story-centric rhythm game that's playable offline; you'll play through the story mode to unlock additional songs thematically composed of beautiful piano renditions. The emphasis on piano-themed music will surely make pianist appreciators not want to miss out on this charming favorite.
Arcaea is a visually stunning experience with gripping gameplay you won't find in other rhythm games, like the ability to hit sky notes and arcs in your playing sessions. You can play offline, or you can set yourself to play online multiplayer, so there's something in the cards for everyone.
The story is stellar for a rhythm game (considering most don't offer a strong focus on narration and world-building), but if you want to get the updated story, you'll have to shell out a few dollars to purchase more packs. But thankfully, the majority of content is found within the provided free pack. Arcaea is a very polished and aesthetically pleasing rhythm game that deserves a shot.
Please note that the free download of Lanota is just a trial version, so if you plan to play this game entirely for free, it may not be for you. However, the price does not outweigh how good Lanota is as a game. Lanota is best described as a picture storybook using rhythm gameplay to paint the story. In Lanota, the world is turning monochromatic (from the depletion of colors and songs), and to restore these colors, you're required to play through numerous song levels.
Lanota adds its spin on rhythm gameplay: you won't be playing the waiting game and reacting to the notes as they appear on-screen. Instead, you're confined to using a circular compass where each note can land and spin in any direction within the circle. Lanota is genuinely artistic in its storytelling, but you'll have to pay the premium if you desire the whole experience.
So many rhythm games gravitate towards an animated style, but at the end of the day, you may be in the market for a more simplistic rhythm game without all that visual gravy getting in the way. A dance of fire and ice is precisely that.
The game will see you guiding two orbiting planets down a path in perfect equilibrium, but this time you're relying on the auditory cues over the visuals to get that rhythm down right. The game may have simple controls, but it certainly presents a challenge for rhythm fans.
If you're in the mood to jam to modern-day music and all-time classics, Beatstar has got you covered. The layout of Beatstar looks glaringly similar to Guitar Hero/Rockband, but instead of an instrument in your hand, you'll tap on your device's screen. You're required to connect online to play, but you can use the app to challenge your friend's score and brag about your spot in the leaderboards since it's always online.
Beatstar is the perfect rhythm game for an icebreaker in your social activities to bring back the good old days of playing party games in the living room, bearing in mind everyone has a phone readied up to play, of course! Let's see who can get the highest score first!
The same team that's released Deemo, Voez, and the first Cytus, all well-renowned rhythm games found on Android, has worked on Cytus II, the spiritual successor of Cytus. Cytus II is another visual-driven story rhythm game that pushes the intensity in its narration and gameplay.
Over 100 songs and 300 hundred charts are available to play through that offer a range of difficulties. So if you're a massive fan of the aesthetic, and don't mind an abstract story, give Cytus II a chance; you can also get it free on the Google Play Pass.
Maybe you enjoy music in rhythm games, but tapping on visual artwork screens or playing through an abstract story doesn't quite strike a chord with you. How about a side-scroller beat 'em up/parkour while jamming to some high-energy Japanese tunes? If yes, then we recommend Muse Dash. It's charming and full of lively colors, and the pacing ensures you can't keep your hands off the screen.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mix roguelike elements into a rhythm game? Now you can stop wondering how that concoction turned out because Crypt of the NecroDancer is here to deliver that taste-testing experience. In Crypt of the NecroDancer, the power is within the music, and it'll push you to the limits if you ever want to see the light of day in those final levels.
Featured music is from Danny Baranowsky's fantastic soundtrack, but if that isn't enough, you can select songs from your personal collection. Do you have what it takes to move in line with the beat to overcome your foes?
Due to the massive popularity of the Hatsune Miku games, it has made it onto many platforms like Playstation, PC, and Nintendo. The colorful visuals, catchy Vocaloid tunes, and difficulty unlocking new songs have been a tasty treat for rhythm fans over the years. Colorful Stage is no different and is very much a Hatsune Miku game.
You'll unlock songs using song tickets and playing through quests, plus there's plenty of customization with your characters, band, and music videos. Feeling bold? You can invite four of your friends to enjoy the fun. Colorful Stage also lets you connect with fans globally by joining in virtual concerts using the app. Anyone who enjoys Hatsune Miku games should give this game a try.
Maybe story-driven rhythm games and flashy animations are not what you're seeking in your playing sessions. If you're vying for simplicity instead, OverRapid brings back an arcade-like experience where you manage two lanes to maximize your score.
It's mostly about timing your taps with the on-screen prompts like in Guitar Hero; the only downside to OverRapid is the simplicity. The UX design isn't the most friendly in a rhythm game, and the tap selection doesn't always match the song. So you'll either love or hate the app, depending on your preferences.
There's something about rhythm games that hit differently than other top-tier Android games. They focus on catchy tunes, the sense of accomplishment for improving your song's scores and beating levels, and how gratifying it is to beat your friend's score. Rhythm games add a whole new layer of fun, and hopefully, this list helps kickstart your rhythm adventures on Android.
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