10 Mobile Games We Can't Stop Playing – CBR – Comic Book Resources

10 Mobile Games We Can't Stop Playing – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Mobile games are designed to give players a way to play in short bursts, but these games are so fun you’ll spend endless hours on them.
The ability to carry games in our pockets is one of the many privileges of our modern world. Players can pass the time while waiting for public transport, or on their break at work or school. Mobile games are a great way to get immersed in gaming without having to splurge on the latest expensive console.
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Even more enticing, some of the best mobile games are actually free to download, though they usually have plenty of things to spend your money on once you start playing. Some mobile games can evolve into more than just fun time-passers. They can even get so addictive that players can wind up dedicating hours and hours to them in a single day.
8 Ball Pool is a mobile game that prides itself on being the best billiards game in the world right now. It's also completely free to play, making it an accessible and addictive mobile game option for all. Sometimes, simplicity really is the best, and 8 Ball Pool does exactly what it promises.
Miniclip's 8 Ball Pool is a relaxing mobile game option for casual gamers. Players can enjoy scoring big wins offline against CPUs of various difficulty levels or battle it out online with strangers and friends alike. 8 Ball Pool can be enjoyed anytime, on the go and at home.
Plague Inc. is a hybrid of strategy and simulation that challenges players to create an ultra-effective illness that's strong enough to wipe out the human population before a vaccine can be created. Easy to play but hard to master, it's no wonder Plague Inc. has been at the top of the charts for years now.
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Players get to choose which plague type takes their fancy, with options like bacteria, virus, and fungus. Then, gamers can decide where they want their disease to begin. From here, Plague Inc. players will earn points and pick from a variety of transmission types and symptoms to successfully infect the world. Human extinction has never been so fun.
Developers: Nintendo EPD and NDcube
If aspiring gamers don't have a Nintendo Switch but want to give Animal Crossing: New Horizons a shot, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the free-to-play mobile game for them. Pocket Camp has most of the features the main Animal Crossing games have, including activities such as socializing, designing, catching bugs, and fishing.
For this reason, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is just as addictive, and wholesome, as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The main difference is instead of designing an island, gamers create their own campsite. Gamers can even decide which of their favorite and closest animal friends they want to stay there.
Created by Supercell, the same people who gave the world Clash of Clans, Clash Royale features some fan-favorite Clash characters in a tower rush game. Despite losing some of its initial popularity, free-to-play Clash Royale is still as addictive as it was on day one.
Clash Royale mixes gameplay mechanics from tower defense games, multiplayer battle arena games, and collectible card games to create a unique and addictive mobile gaming experience. Players can also join Clans, allowing them to share cards and socialize. With daily chests to unlock too, it's hard to stay away from Clash Royale for long.
Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG game available on the App Store and Google Play. Despite being a mobile game, Genshin Impact is actually open world, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in a vast environment through their phone screen.
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What makes Genshin Impactso addictive is its characters. With anime-style visuals, exciting designs, and intriguing abilities, it can often feel that Genshin Impact is one of those rare games that never truly ends.
Sometimes, there's really nothing better than a tile-matching game. Released in 2012, Candy Crush Saga has managed to be the rare mobile game that players never seem to tire of. This is mostly due to Candy Crush Saga's addictive interface and visuals, along with the fact that the free-to-play game is never-ending.
Candy Crush Saga is also a mobile game where the ads aren't too invasive or time-consuming. Players can also watch short ads to obtain extra lives. This means those looking for their sugar fix can get back to what's important: some mindless tile matching.
Subway Surfers is yet another runner mobile game, but what sets it apart is the fact it's endless. Players can compete against friends on social media to see who can get the longest run, and with special items and coins to collect, along with obstacles like moving trains, this mobile game will definitely get gamers' hearts racing.
If Subway Surfers players can collect enough coins, they'll be able to purchase new characters they unlock from relentless endless running. This helps to keep a relatively straightforward mobile game feeling fresh and competitive.
Formatted like a classic whodunit that even Benoit Blanc has trouble solving, Among Us! will have gamers using their communication skills for good in one game, and for evil in the next. Each round will feature one or more imposters who must find a way to murder crewmates before they can complete all the mundane tasks.
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Once a body has been discovered, online players must discuss in a lobby who they think the imposters are. Whether players are a crewmate or an imposter, the detective and criminal element of this mobile game means no two matches are ever the same.
BitLife – Life Simulator is a simplistic storytelling mobile game where the players make all the choices. This includes everything from when the character is born to their education, career, love life, health, and inevitably, when and how they die. BitLife is addictive because there are almost too many options.
Players can live as criminals or work their way up to ranks to become ultra rich and famous. BitLife features lots of achievements, from the mundane to totally random, to give players enough inspiration to last a lifetime.
Despite Minecraft originating as a PC game, the mobile version is constantly topping the paid mobile game charts. For those without a gaming PC or console, the mobile version of Minecraft allows them to explore and craft their very own worlds. It's also perfect for keeping the load light when traveling long distances.
Minecraft is an open-world game all about giving the player complete creative freedom. This means the gameplay can be as easygoing or exhilarating as the individual gamer wants it to be. Whether they're looking to defeat the Ender Dragon or just design a beautiful home, players can do it all on the small screen.
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