10 must use software for gaming PC – Sportskeeda

10 must use software for gaming PC – Sportskeeda

If you have a gaming PC, you need to make the most out of it. Once you have the hardware, you need the right software so that no performance is left on the table. Also, do not install the wrong software, as that is just bloatware slowing down your PC.
The first thing gamers do on their PCs is to install game launchers such as Steam, Origin, Epic Games Launcher, and more, but nothing to improve the performance of their PC. Many applications on the internet are free and incredibly useful and will not hoard your storage space either.
Razer not only creates some great peripherals, but the company also offers software that helps improve performance in gaming. Razer Cortex is the best application to squeeze out more frames per second for all your games on your PC.
It is entirely free, boosts performance, has an easy-to-navigate UI, and has scheduled scans. However, you shouldn’t expect it to make a low-spec PC magically run the best games in the highest settings.
It optimizes the system by freeing up computing resources and memory when games are launched, defrags files, disables unused Windows services, and optimizes disk cache. Moreover, users can directly launch their games through this application.
It is an incredible tool that is easy to use and offers some important features. The MSI Afterburner makes complicated tasks look easy with its UI as it can overclock your components so that your PC is juicing out the highest performance.
Moreover, the software lets you monitor your hardware in real-time, including temperatures, voltages, core clocks, fan speeds, and more. It offers lots of free things and makes hard tasks easy to perform.
Before using this application, users should know what they’re doing so that the hardware does not unnecessarily get damaged. The software can undervolt, overvolt, and overclock the GPU and CPU, which can cause instability if not used correctly.
Ninite is a program that bundles up all the software you need and installs them in one go. It saves much time when setting up a new PC or after resetting Windows.
The software is free; all you have to do is check the boxes of the other programs they need to install, and it does everything for you. It’s helpful because users don’t have to spend time going to each program’s website, downloading, and installing individually.
If you have a custom PC, there is a good chance that you also have fans installed in it. When it is idle, there is no need for the fans to run at high speed, making unnecessary noise.
Sometimes, fans do not run at the speeds users want them to, and that’s what FanControl is for. It’s a great application to tweak the speeds of each fan installed on the PC as the user prefers.
The program allows you to tweak the speeds of fans in accordance with various components’ temperatures and also turn off fans completely when they’re not needed. The program is available to download for free on GitHub.
HWiNFO is an in-depth software that gives all the details of every component installed on the PC, including the graphics card, CPU, hard disks, RAM, motherboard, fans, and much more. It is a comprehensive tool for enthusiasts, which some would call overkill with all the information it provides.
Users can install this software to monitor temperatures and voltages and tweak their components to make the most of their system. The downside of this program could be its cluttered UI, which does not display all the information in a lucrative manner.
With a gaming PC and all the software installed, there is always a chance of unwanted malware slipping into the system, which the in-built Windows security does not detect. Malwarebytes is a great virus protector that has an industry-average detection rate of 95%, which is one of the best.
It has a friendly UI and various scan options to either quick-scan your PC or run an in-depth scan that can take hours and delete all types of malware.
The software is updated frequently so that even the latest types of viruses are detected and deleted when a system scan starts.
f.lux is a program to adjust the display as per the time of the day. Most screens emit blue light, which is harmful to the eyes after long sessions of staring at the monitor, and this program automatically adjusts the screen as per the time of the day.
All that users have to do is tweak the settings once, and it does the job every day. It relieves eye strain and makes screens comfortable in darkly lit rooms.
GameSave Manager is a helpful program that keeps track of all your saved files and relieves users of any worry about losing their saved data and all the progress made in-game.
A lot can go wrong, such as file corruption, hard-disk failure, or the user forgetting to back up their data. It is free software that backs up the saved data of all the games installed on the PC to the cloud and requires one small setup.
It automatically detects the location of the saved files and backs it up, working with all types of game launchers and individual games.
It is a comprehensive program that gives an in-depth visualization of how all of your storage is allocated. It lets users know which files are taking up the most space and if any unnecessary files are stored that need to be deleted.
Space-hogging temporary files are also displayed in the program, from where users can delete whatever is unneeded.
CPU-Z is a free application that performs several useful tasks and provides detailed information about various components installed on the PC. It gives a real-time measurement of the CPU’s per core’s internal frequency, memory frequency, and more.
It can be used to help overclock components as it also gives information about voltage and temperatures.
Disclaimer: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.
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