2022 Tech Gift Guide: Family & Pets – IoT For All

2022 Tech Gift Guide: Family & Pets – IoT For All

We know, we know! Your pets ARE part of the family — so, why did we separate them into separate subcategories in this gift guide? We only did that for your convenience as your scroll through these great products. We assure you, we were not trying to imply your dog, cat, or even your pet turtle is not part of your family! When you are done shopping for the members of your family, be sure to not overlook your own home. Check out our smart home gift guide to make sure your family AND your home are happy!
Toybox is the first easy-to-use, one-touch 3D printer for kids to design and print their own toys. With an enormous toy catalog, Toybox is introducing affordable fun for the whole family!
Parents and children who want to build toys together.
“I used the Toybox with my 10-year-old sister and she loved that she was able to create her favorite Teen Titans GO character, Cyborg. We were also able to create toys from Adventure Time because there’s a great selection of toys to choose from. Toybox even tells you how long it will take to print your toys!” -Daisy 
Where to buy: Website
Nixplay Touch Smart Photo Frame in Classic Mat lets you view your favorite memories sent by loved ones from anywhere around the world using the free Nixplay app. 
Families and individuals looking to share photos with each other in a great-looking smart photo frame.
“Easy to set up and use, so it’s perfect for all ages! My family is spread out all over the country and we all love to send photos to my parents and have them show up in the frame to keep them up-to-date with everything going on in our lives.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
Familink is a modern digital photo frame that is easy for people of all ages to enjoy. Anyone can send photos, add captions, and text messages via mobile app, website, email, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp without the use of Wi-Fi. Familink allows the whole family to exchange photos without any setup or settings. The frame is automatically connected by a 4G SIM card that is included, and it instantly displays the photos sent by family and friends. There is no limit on the number of users. All you have to do is plug it in, and up to 10,000 photos can cycle through the frame at one time.
Families looking to exchange photos and stay connected from afar.
“Great-looking product and very easy to set up and use – so it’s perfect for all ages. We love the no-user limits and integration with messaging services, all without requiring Wi-Fi.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website, Amazon
Dream Duo 2 is Owlet’s most advanced baby monitoring system, combining Dream Sock and Cam 2. Dream Duo 2 tracks Baby’s Sleep Quality Indicators, including heart rate and average oxygen level, and gives parents access to Predictive Sleep Technology which automatically tracks their baby’s sleep & wake windows. 
Parents with babies looking to better monitor their baby, not just visually, but also their key vitals.
“It’s amazing how far baby monitor tech has come, and this is right up there with the best we have seen. Not only is the camera top notch, but being able to monitor key vitals in real time through the Dream Sock is really next-level in our opinion.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
Black Friday Deal, 11/20-11/26: $80 off Dream Sock, $50 off Cam 2, $20 off Cam 1.
Cyber Monday Deal, 11/27-11/28: $80 off Dream Duo (1 or 2) & Free Sock Travel Case with purchase.
Feature-packed baby and toddler sound machine soother with cry sensor and nightlight.
Parents looking to help their baby or toddler fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
“Where was this when I was a child? Sleek-looking product with great features from soothing sounds, to lights, to features that help your child wake up better. The built-in cry sensor is a very nice addition!” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
The 5-inch smart AI-enabled HD baby monitor features patent-pending dual lenses for simultaneous close-up and wide-angle viewing from the same device. 
Parents looking for a top of the line baby monitoring camera that monitors the baby and baby’s room all-in-one.
The dual lenses is a great feature we really never thought during our history of testing these products, but it is definitely a must-have. The motion tracking is great for parents monitoring their active little ones, all done through their HubbleClub App.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
This sleek wearable product tracks your baby’s sleep quality and provides an array of wellness and activity indicators, including oxygen level, heart rate, body temperature change, and movement! Control ALL Guardian+ features and more using the free HubbleClub App. 
Parents looking to monitor their babies key vitals in real time.
Baby wearables seem like the gift of the season – and this one is right up there with the industry leaders. Definitely something new and experienced parents will learn they cannot live without.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
Miko 3 is a ridiculously smart, seriously fun AI robot friend for kids ages 5-12. Miko combines worlds of content from iconic brands with new interactive experiences every day.
Kids looking for a fun companion-like toy to play and interact with.
Super cool toy, very well put together, with fun and interactive features that would make a great gift for the holiday season.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website, Amazon
$50 off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Join Ryder and lead the PAW Patrol on adventures in this learning video game. Plug in and play 12 missions in Adventure Bay using a wireless controller that looks just like Ryder’s Pup Pad! No web connection, downloads, or account setup required. 
Paw Patrol-loving kids with parents who want to mix in a little educational content into their kids’ video game playing.
“Simple and easy to set up and a nice mix of entertainment and education mixed into a video game that was hard to keep out of the hands of the children we had test this out for us.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
The Xplora XGO3 smartwatch is designed to serve as a first cell phone for children between the ages of 4-11. Unlike other smartwatches designed for young children, Xplora’s technology encourages a balance between screen time and physical activity while helping families stay in touch.
Kids between the ages of 4-11 to give them experience with technology and a product that has phone capabilities.
We tested the XGO3, and this new product is a great improvement. The design, usability, and security features all take the cake. The overall mission of the product to help keep families connected is something we can get behind.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website, Amazon, Newegg
Help little ones care for themselves and learn about time-telling with a friendly woof-woof in a wrist pet they’ll love to care for.
Perfect gift for kids looking to have a cool smart watch like their parents.
We have tested a number of kids’ smart watches and this one is pretty neat. It comes with everything from reminders for potty training, teeth brushing, and sleep – to the ability to take care of a digital doggie. This could be a great gift for kids during the holidays.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
The new Halo Collar is the next‑generation dog safety system and the world’s most advanced pet safety and training technology. Founded by IoT visionaries Ken Ehrman and Michael Ehrman and dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, the Halo collar provides the ultimate boundary training for dogs to allow them to live life safely off leash. 
The Halo Collar replaces the need for an electric fence, the technology is held directly in the collar, and it does not require Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. Through positive reinforcement and proven built-in training by Cesar, the collar safely secures your dog wherever you go.
Dog owners looking for a top-of-the-line collar with built-in safety and training technology.
“We had the opportunity to test the previous Halo Collar and we’re impressed, but this new and improved version is even better. With proven built-in training by Cesar Millan, and a well-made product, the Halo combined with the Halo App is something all dog owners should seriously consider.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
SpotOn GPS Fence makes dog containment more flexible, reliable, and convenientーhelping dogs live their best lives safely, free to roam within the boundaries we set.
Dog owners looking for more flexibility on setting physical boundaries on where their dogs can go.
“This product is very much focused on helping replace the electric fence and enable dogs to have a more flexible and customizable area to spend their time outside. The features are great and the product is quite easy to get set up.” -Ryan
Where to buy: Website
Black Friday discount: 25% off retail price.


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