All you need to know about ERP in education – eSchool News

All you need to know about ERP in education – eSchool News

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions help companies coordinate the work of various departments by integrating all the necessary information within one shared database. While ERP systems are traditionally associated with manufacturing, they now support organizations in multiple sectors, education included.
As the digital transformation in schools, universities, and other educational institutions is picking up the pace, ERP adoption is gradually increasing, and this trend is forecasted to continue.
Migrating resources, training your staff, adopting a framework built on a centralized database — these are just some of the challenges that await you on your way to embracing ERP. Overcoming these difficulties is well worth the effort, but it requires expertise. Read on and learn about the benefits of ERP for the education sector, along with a few adoption tips.
One centralized solution, many benefits
The applicability of ERP in education is based on the idea that learning institutions share many similarities with enterprises. Although education is a unique field with specific traits, this assumption is to a large extent true.
Here are some commonalities that attest to the applicability of ERP systems in the educational context:
Education ERP in action
A thoughtfully built educational ERP system facilitates interactions between students and the school or university. Let’s see how an ERP can help you manage a hypothetical learner who wants to enroll at your institution.
Igor Efremov is Head of Recruitment at Itransition, a Denver-based software development company.

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In a world where competition for jobs, pay increases, and academic success continues to increase, certifications offer hope to candidates and educators. Certification helps to build a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers and government tech initiatives.
If your school or district is anything like many others across the country, it has undergone transformational changes at a rapid (perhaps even dizzying) pace over the past two years. The challenges you continue to face demand that you influence more change, driven by creative problem solving and a bit of risk.

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