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Best Free Games On Android And iOS – TheGamer

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time on the go, these free mobile games are the perfect choices!
Mobile gaming has come a long way over the years. Many different types of games are available, from puzzle challenges to massive RPG adventures. No matter what type of game you are after, there is something out there for you to enjoy. More often than not, these games are also completely free to play.
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Although you may need to sit through a few adverts, these games offer you a complete experience. You are not missing out if you do not purchase anything from within the app. Whether you are playing on Android or iPhone, here are some of the best mobile games you can play completely free.
Goose Goose Duck is a hidden role game in which a group of geese must attempt to simultaneously complete their tasks while also figuring out who is a duck in disguise. The ducks are on a murderous rampage, killing off the geese one by one while blending in with the crowd. Goose Goose Duck is full of deception and deduction, which will have you hooked and eager for another round.
No matter what role you are given, you are in for a fantastic experience. You will often have a unique ability that will provide insight to help you either blend in or sus out the bad guys. Goose Goose Duck is an excellent choice when you have a bunch of friends who want to play mind games with one another.
If you're a fan of action-packed roguelikes, you should check out Vampire Survivors. You have one goal in a vast open field: Survive an endless wave of monsters. The longer you survive, the more powerups and items you will collect. How long will you be able to hold your ground?
There are different builds you can aim for to help you progress. The more you play, you'll unlock new characters and improve your chances of success. With simple art and gameplay mechanics, Vampire Survivors is easy to get into and will have you captivated throughout your playthrough.
You don't always need an intricate storyline or intense action to have fun with a mobile game. Sometimes you can have lots of fun just helping a little bird attempt to fly. In Tiny Wings, you slide down hills to gather momentum to launch you forward. It is straightforward, but with adorable art and a lovely theme, this game is worth checking out.
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There are two main game modes. The first has you seeing how many islands you can reach before sunset, and the second has you racing against your fellow birds to get the best fish. Both game modes are fun, and it is really satisfying when you manage to get a good rhythm going and speed across the world in record time.
Starting as a mini-game in The Witcher 3, this card game has become an incredible experience. Gwent is one of the best collectible card games out there. You play cards on the battlefield, attempting to have a higher value of points than your opponent. Achieve this in two of the three rounds, and you will win. Each card has a unique ability that often combines with other cards to hinder your enemy.
Although you can spend money on more cards, it is not necessary. The more you play, the more you will unlock for free. With multiple factions to try out, there is so much variety to enjoy in a game of Gwent. Whether you win or lose, each round is thrilling as you attempt to find the best way to play your cards.
PUBG is an excellent choice if you like the competitive side of mobile games. It is a classic battle royal, where you dive onto a large map, grab weapons and armor, and then fight it out. The last person or team standing wins. The fighting zone shrinks down over time, too, so you will eventually have to face off against everyone.
For a game initially made for PC, the controls work really well on mobile. You can automate actions such as looting and opening doors, so you can focus on spotting your enemies and defeating them first. PUBG is an exciting, action-packed game. It is so rewarding when you make it to the final few contestants.
If you want a more relaxed gaming experience, check out Creatures Of The Deep. This is an excellent game all about catching the best fish. You get to explore different areas and relax fishing. There are even mysteries to solve, as you hear about monsters lurking within the ocean's depths.
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The art in this game is lovely, and each location you visit is beautiful. The controls are easy to grasp, allowing you to jump into the game quickly. It is just about getting your timings right. Creatures Of The Deep is a beautiful experience that will have you hooked. It is also lovely seeing other players speeding around on their own boats too.
1010 is a straightforward puzzle game. It is similar to Tetris but with no sense of urgency or pressure. You will fill up a grid with different shapes, and each time you complete a line, it will vanish. Since the shapes are randomized, you have to consider where you place them, or you might be unable to fit them onto the grid.
Quietly placing down shapes is quite meditative and a great way to relax. It is a casual game you can pick up and play for a little while. The longer you last without clogging up the board, the more points you get. It is always satisfying to beat your previous high score.
Adorable Home is a beautiful, relaxed game you can settle down and enjoy anywhere. You get to pick your character and their partner and begin decorating your ideal home. You earn love points during the game from different activities. For example, you can play fun little mini-games to look after your cat. You get to spend these points on new items for the house.
The art style of Adorable Home is charming. It isn't a game that you'll spend hours playing. Instead, it is a chill, casual game you can drop into every so often to work on your house. You unlock more rooms and accessories as you progress. For decorating fans, this is a great choice.
The Dadish games follow the adventures of a radish that is also a father. His children have gone missing, and he must embark on an epic adventure to find them. He must navigate spike traps, spinning blades, and boss battles to pass each level.
The games are great platformer experiences with a retro style. The levels can certainly be challenging, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you manage to complete them. Dadish is full of humor too, and all three games in the series are worth downloading and trying out for yourself.
Surprisingly, Genshin Impact is a free game. It is a stunning, open-world RPG with enough content to keep you busy for hours. You can go off exploring, enjoying the scenic locations, or focus on its gripping narrative, meeting interesting characters and discovering more about the world of Teyvat.
Genshin Impact has great combat to enjoy, with many new abilities to master. You can even team up with your friends across platforms as you work together to take on enemies and save the day. Genshin Impact offers an unforgettable experience, all for free, on your phone.
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