Best Horse Racing Betting Apps in the USA 2023 –

Best Horse Racing Betting Apps in the USA 2023 –

The best horse racing betting sites in the US have developed apps for smartphones to increase the convenience and ease of gambling. However, with such a vast number of mobile racebooks available to the US racing enthusiast, it can be a hassle trying to figure out the best option. This article will list the best horse racing betting apps and racebooks in the US to help you make the best decision, as well as revealing where you can find the best welcome and racing bonuses.
The following list consists of the top 10 horse racing sportsbooks available to users in the US, with each trusted by online betting enthusiasts nationwide. Importantly, all are legal to sign up to in the US:
This section will provide a more detailed breakdown of the online racebooks mentioned above and give you a more thorough understanding of each of them. Plus, keep in mind that all of these are offshore sportsbooks; hence, you can access them anywhere in the country, irrespective of state gambling laws.
betonline racing
BetOnline is a privately held online gambling company who have been among the top online racebooks for a long time and offers an incredibly comprehensive service. BetOnline offers a wide variety of betting markets, which also includes a comprehensive sportsbook and online casino with excellent odds and a myriad of betting markets.
Plus, they have created a racebook with a friendly user experience and a very intuitive website design, making it easy to navigate and find your way around. Their mobile-optimized site is also very well-designed and offers a seamless gambling experience.
BetOnline offers a choice of races from over sixty popular racetracks, with coverage of all major horse racing events that racing enthusiasts would expect from a world-class provider. Plus, the racebook gives a variety of betting opportunities, from placing straight bets to exotic bets and a mixture of incentives and offers throughout the racing calendar. They also offer a great live-betting service and mobile betting opportunities. Moreover, in comparison to other racebooks, BetOnline’s offering covers all major aspects of a great sportsbook, an excellent choice for all betting enthusiasts.
BetOnline offers a wide variety of payment options. These include traditional methods such as credit/debit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Diners, Discover, etc.), money orders, P2P transfers, bank wires, and checks, as well as other methods like cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash) and Skrill/Neteller. This offering is truly diverse compared to other sportsbooks and really gives users wide freedom of choice.
BetOnline has an excellent selection of customer service options which include a 24-hour live chat function, as well as being able to access assistance via email and the comprehensive FAQs section. BetOnline’s customer service is very sufficient in comparison to all the top racebooks in this review.
BetOnline offers a great variety of bonuses and promotions like the BetOnline sports welcome bonus; these will be further outlined in the table below.
MyBookie offers it all; they provide users with a great all-around racebook and sportsbook offering, along with a smooth user experience on both their website and mobile-optimized site. So, for those looking for a clean racebook experience, this is one of the best horse racing betting apps.
MyBookies service covers all the major aspects that you would like to see from a reputable racebook; this includes generous promotions, many banking options, and quick deposit/withdrawal speeds. As a result, it’s not hard to hold MyBookie’s racebook in high regard.
MyBookie provides gamblers with a well-rounded service, including every option you would expect from a leading racebook offering. This includes a wide range of races at all the major racetracks, various betting markets, and plenty of MyBookie betting bonus codes throughout the year. Plus, MyBookie also offers live betting and streaming options. Hence, their racebook offering is world-class and well-rounded.
MyBookie offers traditional payment methods such as credit/debit cards (Mastercard, Visa), as well as cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum) and P2P transfers. Customers can expect to be paid out in a 48-hour period after the request has been made. However, some withdrawal options come with fees that can range between $10 and $50.
MyBookie is well known for its excellent customer service and ability to provide quick and efficient resolutions. In fact, users can contact them via phone, email, or live chat 24/7. This is a great service offering, especially the option to contact the call center for support, which many of the best gambling sites in the US do not offer.
MyBookie sports welcome bonus offers a great way to play for new users. In addition, they also offer a variety of bonuses and promotions; these will be further outlined in the table below.
US Sports Betting Apps Everygame
Everygame is a well-trusted sportsbook and racebook provider across the USA and has gained a great reputation amongst gamblers. Plus, Everygame has been in the gambling market for quite a long time. They have been offering sportsbetting and horse racing betting services since the early 1980s and began online sportsbook in 2000.
The Everygame racebook offers a wide range of races to wager on, which includes all the major tracks in the US, as well as plenty of other international racing events. Everygame also offers a well-designed mobile experience both via its website and mobile-optimized site, providing users with a seamless experience and the ability to switch devices.
As already mentioned, Everygame offers over sixty horse racing events for racebook betting enthusiasts to enjoy on their mobile applications. Plus, Everygame offers an excellent live betting service with competitive odds offerings in real-time, making their racebook a great option for any live betting enthusiast. Hence, Everygame’s racebook is up there with the best, with a similar quality offering to the likes of BetOnline and MyBookie.
Everygame offers most of the payment options that you would expect to find available on a popular sportsbook. These include credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin), eWallets, and ETFs. Plus, Everygame does not charge any deposit fees, but you can expect a fee of $50 dollars when withdrawing via bank wire or check. Although in comparison to other sportsbooks, Everygame has a seamless payment process, they may not cover all the methods, especially regarding cryptocurrency options. Still, there is a large enough variety to satisfy most horse racing betting enthusiasts.
Everygame provides a decent customer service platform. Currently, you can access customer support services via a phone line during working hours, email, or chatbot. Everygame could improve by making its phone lines available 24/7 and responding to emails and chatbot requests faster, as this has been known to take a fair amount of time. Compared to other sportsbooks, this is a central facet of where Everygame could increase the quality of its racebook offering.
Everygame runs a few bonuses and promotions like the Everygame welcome bonus, and they would be able to improve by simply providing more at competitive rates when compared to other sportsbooks. Plus, Everygame has a history of running bonuses and promotions towards major events but currently only offers a ‘Sign-Up’ Bonus.
XBet offers a superb all-round racebook and sportsbook service for both first-time and experienced users. The website is well-designed and easy to use, and the user interface is intuitive, resulting in a pleasant user experience. Plus, Xbet has also implemented a seamless online betting experience so that their website can be enjoyed on a desktop or mobile phone. On top of this, XBet also offers a fantastic mobile-optimized app.
XBet also has a great live-streaming and betting service, with real-time odds updates and prop offerings. In addition, they offer their users to build their own props by submitting them to their team. These props will be reviewed and placed on offer if accepted. So, XBet’s racebook offering is a great choice and a well-rounded product for horse racing enthusiasts.
XBet offers a full racebook service, covering all the major races and a good range of betting markets, as you would expect to find from a quality racebook. Along with this, XBet has an excellent live-streaming platform with fast-updating odds.
XBet accepts a good range of payment options. These include credit cards (Visa & Mastercard), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum), eWallets, and ETFs. Plus, XBet does not charge any deposit fees, but you can expect a fee when withdrawing via bank wire or check. Compared to other sportsbooks, this is a standard offering; however, they do charge higher fees for withdrawals compared to other providers.
XBet has a great customer support section, and you can reach them via a toll-free phone number (24/7), email, or live chat. In addition, the gambling site has a detailed FAQ section covering most of the issues a regular gambler may face.
XBet offers a competitive array of XBet bonus codes and promotions with low minimum deposit limits and generous bonus amounts.
Bovada is a very well-established name in the online gambling space across the USA. They are incredibly well-experienced in both the brick-and-mortar gambling space but also the world of online racebooks and sportsbooks. Some might say that the user interface is a bit text heavy and tough to understand for beginners, and this might be the case for some users. However, the racebook does lend itself to being able to satisfy both casual racing enthusiasts and seasoned veterans.
Plus, Bovada puts a large focus on promoting the use of cryptocurrencies through its extra bonuses for crypto users and its quality VIP/Loyalty programs, which might come as a deterrent for some users. They do, however, offer the usual traditional payment options as well. A great racebook and sportsbook offering in its entirety, and with the addition of a well-designed mobile app and mobile-integrated website, the Bovada racebook is an intelligent choice.
Bovada’s racebook includes all major racetracks in the US as well as plenty of other events from across the globe, including the UK, Australia, etc. Plus, the racebook boasts a good range of betting markets and is also easy to navigate. Along with this, Bovada offers live-streaming of races along with the opportunity to place live bets on races.
Bovada offers its users a variety of payment options. This includes credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash), MatchPay, Vouchers, and Zelle. However, despite being offered a free first deposit, you can expect to pay 15.9% on all deposits thereafter. But, if you prefer crypto, you are in luck as there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals using cryptocurrencies. Plus, Bovada covers your first non-crypto withdrawal fee every 90 days but charges $100 for every additional withdrawal in that 90-day period.
As Bovada is so well established, they have taken the time to produce great customer service and support. Help can be accessed 24/7 via a live chat feature. You also can browse the extensive FAQs section, as well as access assistance by email.
Bovada offers a fair range of Bovada betting bonus codes and promotions. These, however, are designed to promote the use of cryptocurrencies and may not yield true value when using most traditional payment methods.
BetUS offers an excellent option for horse racing and sportsbook betting enthusiasts. If you are looking for a provider with a good and reputable betting site, then BetUS is a great choice. In fact, BetUS has been operating for over two decades and is fully licensed and also legal within the US.
The betting site has a good reputation for prioritizing the safety of those gambling in their racebook and sportsbook and has several security measures in place. BetUS also provides an excellent user experience with an intuitive website and horse racing mobile racebook.
BetUS’s racebook offers a very comprehensive array of horse betting markets and races; you can expect to find a massive list of race events throughout the year. BetUS also has a great live-betting service with competitive odds updated in real-time as well as live streaming. Plus, given the mobile-optimized racebook site, you can easily gamble on the move.
BetUS offers plenty of deposit options, including credit/debit cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express), cash transfers, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum),eWallets, and wire transfers. They do not charge any transaction fees; however, it has been reported to take some time to withdraw using traditional payment methods. Plus, BetUS does encourage users to withdraw via cryptocurrency, which may cause some frustration among users who prefer to use traditional methods.
BetUS offers fantastic customer support services. Users have the option to contact a 24/7 customer support line via multiple different phone lines. Plus, there are also several email addresses available, each with a specific sector of potential issues. Users can also contact customer support via text, email, or chatbot.
In addition to the BetUS sports welcome bonus, they offer a range of promotions and bonuses targeted at both traditional currency users and cryptocurrency users, which is a nice addition to what most sportsbooks offer. There are also fantastic referral bonuses which are rare to see.
BetNow Racing
BetNow has been in operation since 2015 and has managed to carve a great space in the market for itself. The racebook offers a user-friendly betting platform with an intuitive design for both beginners and experts. In addition, BetNow also offers an excellent sportsbook and online casino, as well as a decent spread of betting markets, odds/props, live-streaming services, and BetNow bonus codes. BetNow also offers a standard amount of deposit/withdrawal options with competitive rates. This, along with their excellent customer support team, makes BetNow a great all-round racebook provider.
BetNow’s racebook is well-designed and covers all major horse racing events across the globe while also covering most of the racetracks in the US. BetNow also offers live betting with competitive odds updated in real-time, as well as live streaming of races.
BetNow offers a competitive range of deposit options with no fees, such as payment via credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), Zelle, money orders, wire transfers, P2P transfers, and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash). Regarding withdrawals, you can expect to incur some fees if you withdraw using traditional methods. However, if you withdraw using cryptocurrency, all transactions are free. BetNow is encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies on their racebooks, but they are not pushing away customers who want to use traditional payment options either.
BetNow offers a great customer support option where you can contact help via a 24/7 toll-free line, chatbot, or email. There is also a comprehensive FAQs section. Plus, the support team staff have been reported to be friendly, helpful, and responsive.
BetNow offers a ‘Welcome Bonus’ along with a ‘Referral Bonus’ for any users that encourage their friends to sign up. In addition, BetNow also runs special bonuses and promotions for major events.
Best Delaware Sports Betting Apps BUSR
BUSR’s sportsbook and racebook have all the features that any new and veteran betting enthusiast would need. With its safe and user-friendly interface, it is an excellent option for both beginners and experts alike.
It has all the bells and whistles that any betting enthusiast would need, with great deposit/withdrawal processes, competitive odds and props, and a great live-streaming service. BUSR has a wonderful reputation in the industry and even has associations with major publications like ESPN. BUSR also offers a well-designed gambling platform and a mobile-ready website for those who would rather access the website directly via their mobile browser. An all-round great product and definitely one to consider.
BUSR offer the full money in terms of both their racebook and sportsbook. They cover all the main horse racing events at all major tracks across the racing year, as well as the full suite of betting markets and wagering opportunities. BUSR also offers competitive odds and props options, with fantastic promotions and BUSR bonus codes added to their racebook throughout the year.
BUSR accepts a mixture of traditional and non-traditional payment options, which include cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple), Credit/Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard), wire transfers, MoneyGram, ETFs, and checks. BUSR also offers a 24-hour turnaround time on crypto withdrawals, whereas traditional currencies will take 3-5 days to be released. Plus, they do not ask for a fee for withdrawals but charge 4.9%-6% for credit card deposits.
BUSR offers excellent customer service, with a 24/7 live chat option and the option to contact BUSR via email and chatbot. You can also request a call-back if you do not get through, which is an excellent addition compared to other sportsbooks.
BUSR presents a range of promotions and bonuses. Plus, their bonus offers are directed at benefiting both traditional currency users and cryptocurrency users. There is also the fantastic referral bonus, which is not seen in many of the best sportsbooks in the US.
jazz racebook
Jazz is a great option for racebook betting enthusiasts, with a wide range of offerings, a simple user interface, great live stream options, and decent withdrawal and deposit methods. On top of this, Jazz’s excellent customer support service really helps place them on our list of the best betting sites in the US for horse race gambling.
Jazz is also popular among gamblers for its fantastic array of Jazz betting bonus codes, available for both new and existing users. They also offer a superb mobile-optimized website for gambling on the go.
Jazz’s racebook offers coverage and betting markets of all major racetracks and race events across the world. They also offer a good variety of boosts and promotions throughout, in addition to providing a fantastic live-streaming and live-betting platform, which is available on both their website and mobile-ready website.
Jazz provides users with many different deposit/withdrawal methods. Regarding deposits, Jazz accepts credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, Skrill, Person-to-Person Transfers, Ria Money Transfer, and Bank Wire. Regarding withdrawal options, Jazz offers the use of Bitcoin, Person-to-Person Transfer, or Skrill. There are also no fees included, except for a small fee that you might encounter using the Person-to-Person transfer method.
Jazz gives you three different contact options: via the phone, live chat, or email. Plus, Jazz offers separate phone numbers for various technical problems, which further reduces the time it takes to resolve issues. This level of customer support is certainly rare when compared to all the other racebooks in this review.
Jazz offers a good range of Jazz betting bonus codes and promotions throughout the year. These are often based on ongoing or upcoming sporting events and are usually competitive with some of the best betting bonus codes from other racebooks.
Cons: 400x800 has an excellent racebook with all the features and seamless gambling experience that you would expect. The racebook covers all the major racetrack events throughout the year and offers all the standard betting markets that you would expect to find from a top-quality racebook.
Their user interface is suitable for both beginner and long-standing racebook enthusiasts, and they offer a great website design and mobile gambling. So, it’s hard to find fault with their offering as it’s easily one of the best racebook options in the US today.
As mentioned, offers the full suite of racebook events and track days, covering all the major races and events throughout the calendar year; they also offer a mix of betting markets on all major US sports, as well as a few smaller sports markets that you would expect from a high-quality sportsbook. Plus, you can also enjoy live-streaming as well as live betting on races. offers a range of payment options, from all the standard options like credit/debit cards, money orders, Skrill, wire transfers, Person-to-Person, and checks. As well as cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and USD stablecoins. offers competitive customer support, which includes an efficient 24/7 call center. Plus, you also have the option to reach out to the support team via live chat and email while also having access to an excellent FAQ section. has an excellent range of sports welcome bonuses and promotions incentivizing first-time users. They also offer a wide range of promotions for long-time users, mostly based on events and holidays.
In this section we’ve answered some of the most asked questions regarding horse race betting in the United States.
In short, yes, you can. Most of the best online racebooks and sportsbooks offer a downloadable mobile application for both iPhone and Android. However, in the case where your chosen sportsbook may not offer a downloadable mobile app, racebooks will offer a mobile-ready website that will function very similarly to a downloadable mobile app.
It’s tough to say which horse racing bet is better than another as each of the betting types in horse racing serves its own purpose, depending on the betting market or race. It may be better to suggest which horse racing bet is a ‘safer’ bet as opposed to others. In this case, most betting experts would agree that the Across the Board wager, covering a straight win, place and show would qualify as the best and safest horse racing bet to use as you have a higher chance of landing winnings.
The best betting app to use will come from the best racebook provider. The best provider is one that offers a variety of betting markets, good customer service, speedy pay-out/withdrawal fees, and a reputation for providing good customer service/security. Considering all these factors, we would recommend the use of BetOnline for the best horse race betting app experience.
In the table below, we will take a detailed look into the top 10 online racebooks for US players reviewed in this article:
This is what we consider when choosing an online racebook. It’s important to consult all these factors before you decide which provider you want to use.
This factor is entirely subjective to the individual. However, it is vital to make sure that the provider you choose does, in fact, provide the opportunity to bet on the races of your choice or any race events that you can see yourself betting on in the future. This should include both day-to-day horse racing across America and the wider world, but also futures betting on the biggest races. The choice also needs to consider other services such as security, bonuses & promos, payment methods, customer support, mobile integration, and the overall user experience.
This factor is also subjective to the individual and depends solely on your betting intentions. We recommend choosing a racebook provider with more betting markets over those with fewer. You will have more betting markets to choose from in case you come across an opportunity to cast wagers in areas you never initially thought you would. This also guarantees more users in the racebooks betting pool, creating more opportunities.
If you are new to online racebooks, you’ll soon realize the risks associated with the industry. The top sports betting apps offer bonuses & promotions to help decrease these risks whilst simultaneously offering opportunities for users to profit more. These opportunities don’t take place all the time, and some racebook providers are better than others. Plus, we recommend choosing a racebook that offers its users as many bonuses/promotions as possible.
The world of gambling, much like our society, has plenty of fraudsters and swindlers. Plus, racebooks are often vulnerable to security risks, and as they hold your account information, so is your money. Therefore, we recommend choosing a racebook that employs advanced security protocols and has a good history of customer safety.
Prior to choosing a racebook, consider what payment options you would prefer and which you feel more comfortable making. The top racebooks offer the standard payment methods that you would expect at most gambling establishments, but some offer fewer standard options. Suppose you intend to use a less popular method of funding your account. In that case, it’s worth considering a sportsbook that supports this method. It is also worth considering the future of your account and how you intend to withdraw your winnings. Consider sportsbooks that allow you to withdraw funds in your preferred method and also offer withdrawal times that suit you. We also prioritize high limit sportsbooks which ensure regular and high wager players enjoy seamless transactions.
Much like safety & security, we place ‘customer support’ at the top of the priority list. If things go wrong, you’re going to want to receive fast and effective service. Therefore, it’s important to find a racebook provider who respects your time and your investment with them and one that’s willing to provide you with a high-quality support service.
Consider the overall user experience of the racebooks in all factors, especially when considering aspects like the racebook’s mobile application. You are going to be spending a considerable amount of time here and making big decisions using the platform. Therefore, we recommend that you should consider using a site that has a great desktop and mobile betting experience and delivers smooth and reliable online gambling.
This is a major factor for any great racebook to have. Having a well-designed mobile application from your preferred racebook allows you to really access the full experience of its offering. A well-designed racebook with excellent mobile compatibility will enable you to place bets and track events throughout your day, giving you the advantage of not only multitasking but being able to react to updates and adjust your wagers in real-time. It also gives you the convenience of carrying all the information you need everywhere you go and not relying solely on a desktop.
Horse racing is one of the world’s oldest sports, and since its conception, it has seen little to no change to its core principles. In simple terms, horse racing is a race style that involves two or more jockeys riding horses over a particular distance for competition purposes. There are some variants when it comes to horse racing; a lot of different rules and traditions have been formed by various countries over time. Some of these variables include the age, breed or gender of horses competing, races that include obstacles or running without jumps, different distances, and varying gaits.
In addition, there are four types of horse races: ‘flat racing’ and ’ steeplechasing’ are the two sorts of thoroughbred racing, while ‘harness racing’ is often for standardbred horses, and ‘endurance racing’ is best suited to Arabians. So, within each of these categories, there exist a multitude of betting opportunities not limited to just the winner of a race. Plus, the best horse racing betting apps will enable you to bet on most of the exciting races from around the globe.
Within each of the four types of horse racing mentioned in the previous section, there exists a variety of horse racing betting markets; these will be covered and explained in more detail below:
This bet is the simplest and is placed on which horse is expected or predicted to win the race entirely.
A ‘place bet’ is a bet that covers your horse finishing first or second on the track. It doesn’t matter which position they end up in, so long as it’s within the first two. Place betting odds won’t be as attractive as a straight win.
If a horse makes the show, then it has finished in the first three. Consequently, a ‘show bet’ pays out if the pick does just that. Again, you can expect much less competitive odds from a win only wager and also shorter prices than a place bet.
Much like an each way bet in the UK, you also have the option to bet a horse Across the Board. This is three wagers in one, covering the win only, place and show odds together on the same slip. The better a horse performs, then the more money pays out. An Across the Board wager where the pick finishes second, for example, pays on both the place and show bets but not the win wager as it didn’t come first.
This Exotic bet involves predicting which horses will finish first and second in the correct order. This bet is used by racebook bettors if they prefer the odds of more than one horse in a particular race.
You can also double the unit stake gambled on an Exacta by having the two horses you picked out to finish in any order. This is called a Quinella.
This betting market is very similar to the Exacta market; the only change is that wagers will be placed on predicting which horse will finish in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position in the correct order.
This is a type of ‘trifecta’ bet where you place a wager on which three horses you predict to place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, irrespective of the order.
This is another type of ‘trifecta’ bet where you select three or more horses to fill the positions of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Again, contestants can finish in any order.
This is another type of ‘trifecta’ bet where you wager on the prediction of a particular horse to finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
A swinger wager is where you bet on at least two horses to finish in the top three positions. You would win this wager only if your two chosen horses finish filling up two of the first three finishing positions. There are three winning combinations: 1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd, and 2nd & 3rd.
A quartet wager is where bettors attempt to predict the horses that will finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position, and in the correct order.
This is where bettors choose a single horse or multiple horses to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each of the seven races across the season that make up the ‘place accumulator’. In most cases, one or more horses are allowed to be selected for each of the seven races.
This betting market is where the overall winner is predicted over a total of four races that make up the ‘jackpot.’ In most cases, one or more horses can be selected for each of the four races.
This betting market is similar to the jackpot market, and as the name suggests, bettors will pick a winner of six races that make up the ‘pick 6’.
All online racebooks offer a range of bonuses. The most common types of bonuses include the ‘Match Deposit Bonus,’ ‘No Deposit Bonus’, and the ‘Free Bets’.
This bonus is offered to first-time users, usually upon making their first deposit or bet. Racebooks will often advertise this type of bonus before big events to attract more users. The bookmaker will simply offer you a bonus by matching your first deposit, giving you an extra boost to your balance.
An example: You deposit $10 into the racebook account of your choice to bet on the next upcoming horse race. As it’s your first bet on the racebook, the site will offer you a ‘match bonus’ and will match 100% of your first wager. This results in you having a $20-dollar first-bet opportunity on the upcoming race.
This bonus is presented in a few ways; it is usually offered as a sign-up incentive or a loyalty incentive to long-standing users. In fact, the top horse racing betting apps will use this to stimulate betting pools with the goal of creating a more attractive betting environment for users.
A simple example of a ‘no deposit bonus’ is the following: by signing up and creating an account with an online racebook, you will receive $100 to use on-site. This is a ‘gift’ from the sportsbook and is given to you before you’ve deposited any of your own money into your sportsbook account.
Bookmakers award this type of bonus mostly to new customers or to encourage loyalty and participation. This bonus can be viewed as a ‘boost’ to stimulate users to bet more. The top sites offering free bets are worth exploring if you are looking to wager at a minimal investment.
A ‘free bet’ bonus works in the following way: like a ‘matched deposit’ bonus, the user is awarded the opportunity to place a bet without the risk of losing money using the bookmarker’s finances. The user places a wager with the amount granted with the ‘free bet’ bonus. If the bet is successful, the user will be paid out the winnings, and if the bet is unsuccessful, the user, for this wager, will not lose any of their finances. In some instances, free bets are also offered as part of a risk-free bet offer.
The table below shows the differences between the 10 racebooks outlined in this article:
Live betting on horse racing usually takes place in settings like private betting clubs, sports bars, casinos, or simple wagers between friends. Now, the best online sportsbooks in the US also offer the opportunity to place bets on a live horse race. Plus, the maintenance of tracking bets and fairly measuring accurate results becomes more complicated in brick-and-mortar establishments, and in most cases, some type of online software like what you would find on online sportsbooks is used to keep track of all the information.
Hence, the most popular destinations for live betting on horse races are online racebooks. When using online horse racing betting apps, your bets and wagers are recorded in real-time, and the security threat is significantly decreased. Plus, with an online racebook, viewers also have more detailed statistics of the race in real time than what you would be able to acquire at other physical betting locations. A notable example of an excellent racebook choice would be BetOnline, which offers excellent live-betting services.
Horse Racing racebooks with live streaming:
The biggest horse races in America are measured by prestige, viewership, and the ability of bettors to profit. The biggest horse racing events in America for three-year-old thoroughbreds is known as the ‘Triple Crown’, consisting of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. There’s also the World Championships held in the fall to consider:
There are many big races to bet on around the world. The most popular are measured on their viewership, prestige, and volume of potential wagers for betting enthusiasts. Below is a breakdown of the biggest horse racing events around the world:
Horse racing betting is viewed differently across all states within the USA and deemed legal in some and illegal in others for example, New York has their take on racebooks which have significant differences from the laws of Oregon. Bureaucrats in each state set rules and regulations for their state and, in some cases, deem sports betting illegal. However, if you are located within the states in America that consider sports betting legal, you are completely free to bet on horse racing. But, the sportsbooks mentioned in this article all operate offshore, and hence, you will not face any troubles even in those states with laws or regulations against horse race betting.
All the racebooks mentioned in this article provide a multitude of different payment options for their clients. Here is a breakdown of the different payment methods you can expect to encounter:
eWallets are a very popular method of payment as they offer an incredibly safe and pain-free way of funding your account whilst providing a safe way of withdrawing funds. Furthermore, with online security being front of mind for all racebook users, eWallets offer another layer of safety and peace of mind. Some good examples of eWallets are PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. None of our recommended offshore betting sites currently offer eWallet options but they do support a plethora of other payment options.
Traditional payment methods still exist alongside other modern-day methods when it comes to funding your account. However, with the rise in popularity of payment methods such as cryptocurrencies or eWallets, traditional methods are being utilized less. These methods would include funding your account via a physical cash deposit, written check, credit/debit card, or by EFT.
The decrease in preference for using traditional payment methods is widely due to the strict protocols that many online racebooks deploy. Most online racebooks require withdrawal through the same method as a deposit when using traditional payment methods, which many users today find frustrating and inconvenient.
The alternative to the traditional funding option is crypto payment options. The best Bitcoin betting sites offer faster and secure deposits and withdrawals at minimal fees. Even though using crypto for racebooks is new, most of our offshore sites support crypto payments.
The table below outlines which deposit options each of the 10 sportsbooks outlined in this article is happy to accept. No offshore sportsbooks offer PayPal as an option for deposits.
The table below outlines the withdrawal options each of the 10 sportsbooks outlined in this article offer. Do keep in mind that none of them have PayPal as an option for withdrawals.
There are a few horse racing betting systems and strategies that bettors employ through the benefits of Racebook apps; these will be explained further below:
This method takes advantage of the discrepancies between different racebooks’ methods of calculating odds. Simply this means that one online racebook could have slightly different odds compared to another whilst covering the exact same horse race or event.
Bettors exploit these differences by betting both for and against an outcome, commonly referred to as ‘backing and laying.’ This takes advantage and exploits the differences in odds on a separate platform and ensures that the bettors make a profit regardless of the outcome or ability to predict a singular event.
This is a simple-to-understand strategy that has exploded in popularity in recent times due to mobile betting apps and social media. It’s simply the act of following or seeking professional or expert help on betting matters. The ability to have your racebook in your pocket and access to internet articles and social media has allowed the market of professional tippers to rapidly increase in popularity. Many betting enthusiasts now employ the strategy of following other, more informed gamblers and their betting strategies.
Knowing a good ‘tipster’ is a tricky process as all claim to have inside information or working strategies that others do not; it’s all based on reputation, social media following, and word of mouth. The consensus is that good tipsters charge where others who rely solely on revenue generated through social media followings or brand deals don’t offer the highest quality advice. Again, it’s all subjective and completely up to the individual to decide.
Public betting is the simple act of weighing up your risk versus what the rest of the betting market is claiming. It’s a simple strategy of utilizing more information to hopefully make more informed decisions; it’s also a good way of seeing where the larger betting pools are sitting and where a potential big win could come from.
In basic terms, by considering the statistics on the public betting pool, horse racing bettors can base their decisions on more informed information on what the majority of people believe the outcome to be. From here, you can choose to go with the majority or take the chance and choose the more risky, less popular option. Very simple logic, but sometimes it’s not entirely the best idea to follow the crowd.
This section will outline five of the top tips for betting on horse racing while using racebook betting apps like the ones outlined in this article:
It’s a good idea to make sure you’re familiar with the entire space of horse race betting before you commit to the betting market. It’s not an extremely complicated space once you understand it, but for first-timers, it can become confusing. Therefore, we recommend educating yourself by following some races first before placing an actual bet, reading up on racebooks online, and consulting learning platforms like YouTube for more behind-the-scenes information.
As with all racing sports, conditions make a massive difference to performance; it’s no different in horse racing. One major change in condition from race to race is the changes in racing surfaces. Differences in surface include dirt, turf, and synthetic surfaces. Some horses prefer one surface over others and tend to excel in those conditions alone. Therefore, it’s important to understand the surfaces and the different weather conditions prior to or during races. Also, familiarize yourself with which horses or breeds of horses excel better or prefer a particular surface.
Jockeys are an incredibly important aspect of horse racing. Jockeys control how fast a horse exits the gate, control the pace of the horse, and dictate when best to push the horse and when to hold back. These aspects are massively important in a race; the jockey’s mindset, experience level, and racing strategy should be considered when choosing a racing pair.
Horse trainers play a large part in the upbringing, skillset, fitness, mindset, and overall well-being of a horse. They are animals with an incredible amount of empathy and emotion, and just like human beings, they require the same levels of training and coaching to reach their full potential. Therefore, it’s important to consider trainers, their skill sets, and their reputation when betting on horses.
Horses are the overarching factor in racing; they enable the entire event to take place and are incredibly important to understand inside and out. Factors such as turf, race conditions, and length of race all play into different strengths and weaknesses of horses. Therefore, it’s vital to constantly keep an eye on these factors, know which breeds prefer what, and keep an eye on how different horses’ racing careers unfold.
Signing up on an online sportsbook is a straightforward process. Here is a quick walkthrough of the BetOnline sign-up process:
Depending on the racebook of choice, this can be done via their website or mobile application, we recommend BetOnline for the best racebook experience. Go to the official BetOnline website and click ‘Register’.
betonline sign up
Fill out the registration form and complete the verification. Go through the terms and conditions; if you are happy with them, accept them and proceed.
betonline register
Consider what amount you’re willing to start betting with and use your preferred depositing method to transfer funds into your racebook account.
betonline banking
Lastly, choose a betting market and place your first bet.
If the racebook of your choice does not provide a stand-alone application for your phone, you can simply create one for yourself. All the sportsbooks in this article also provide ‘mobile ready’ website designs, so accessing the racebook through your internet browser will provide you with a smooth experience, like a downloadable app. Here is a step-by-step process to do so yourself:
Step 1: Open the racebooks site on your mobile browser.
BetOnline review Mobile Casino
Step 2: Choose the ‘menu’ or ‘more’ option on the Browser Menu
betonline mobile
Step 3: Select ‘add to home screen’.
betonline mobile app
Step 4: Rename the App to your preference
Step 5: Use this App whenever you wish to access the racebook.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options available when it comes to choosing an online racebook. So, keep in mind which racebooks are more reputable and receive higher users than others. In the USA, racebook providers like BetOnline are regarded as the best for their all-round service and are popular across the betting community.
Plus, consider the user experience provided by the racebook, and it’s important to use one that’s simple and easy to understand. Providers like BetOnline, MyBookie, and Everygame, offer better user experiences than others. Lastly, consider the level of customer service you are willing to receive. Although racebook providers have varying reports of good and bad customer service, we would recommend choices like BetOnline, which consistently offers great customer service solutions. The choice is up to you; make informed decisions and remember that you are the customer. So, choose a racebook that serves you and not the other way around.
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