Best Meta Quest 2 Fitness and exercise games – AR & VR – Pocket-lint

Best Meta Quest 2 Fitness and exercise games – AR & VR – Pocket-lint

There’s nothing quite like gamifying your exercise to make it more enjoyable.

Aside from the usual VR games, one great reason to own a Meta Quest 2 is the virtual reality exercise potential. There are a number of great games and apps that allow you to improve your fitness by making working out fun. There’s nothing quite like gamifying your exercise to make it more enjoyable. 

These apps not only offer a variety of ways to work out, but often also track your progress, allowing you to smash targets, track burnt calories or simply smash your way up leaderboards. 

If you’re looking for a way to make exercise more entertaining, then stick with us as we journey into some of our favourite VR fitness games for the Quest and Quest 2. 

FitXR is one of our favourite VR fitness apps and one that offers a variety of different activities to get you burning calories. These include various different sessions with varying lengths and difficulty levels. So you can either get stuck into some VR boxing or a good HIIT session or get your body moving in the dance studio.

We like the boxing studio, where you’re simply punching incoming balls of different colours while also squatting, lunging and blocking in time with music. But there are other options too and as your skills (and fitness) improve you can choose more difficult modes with longer session times. 

You can play on your own or there’s a multiplayer mode with a scoreboard, so you can challenge yourself to beat your own score as well as that of other FitXR users. 

Being able to track your workout progress, calories burnt and more make FitXR interesting and enjoyable and certainly make it a more thrilling option to traditional home workouts. There’s also a subscription service which adds in new workouts and much more. Ideal if you’re enjoying it and want more variety. 

If you want a VR game that feels more like a game than a way to make you exercise then turn to Knockout League.

This one features some slapstick comedy styling and cartoon visuals but also puts you up against some hard fighters in the ring. We found those this one thoroughly enjoyable as well as exhausting and it can help track your performance to make you feel like you’re winning at getting fit, even if you aren’t winning your fights.  

Knockout League lets you track calories burnt while you play which is a great bonus to any VR game as you feel like you’re winning on two fronts. 

There are a few different boxing games on the Meta Quest 2. Creed: Rise to Glory is one of the more enjoyable ones. It has various modes including a story mode which sees you work your way up the professional boxing ladder, a multiplayer element which lets you box human opposition and more besides. 

We find Creed: Rise to Glory to be absolutely exhausting when played with determination and Rocky-style grit. Though naturally, it doesn’t have as much variety as something like FitXR as the focus is mostly on boxing rather than anything else.  

Supernatural is another VR exercise app that’s incredibly popular. It requires a subscription, but then gives you access to a large library of over 500 workouts and regular additional content. 

Supernatural offers plenty of workout possibilities with full-body moves from squats to swings, lunges, leg lifts and more besides. It includes music offerings from a number of popular artists and coaches to help lead your workout too. 

Beat Saber might not be a VR fitness game in the sense that it’s built specifically for workouts. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for working up a sweat. 

It’s also utterly addictive and superbly satisfying to play, which is one of the reasons it’s one of the most popular Oculus games to play both on Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. 

If you’re not aware already, Beat Saber is a rhythm-action game where you just need to have a good sense of timing and flow to be able to hit incoming blocks at the right moment.

Depending on the music this game can get pretty fast and frantic and will certainly help you burn some calories. The good thing about Beat Saber is it doesn’t feel l like a workout. 

The Climb 2 is another game that’s not really meant to be a fitness game as such. It’s certainly not a fast-paced fitness experience, but with all the hand-over-hand climbing and stretching, you’ll soon find yourself worn out and like you’ve made more effort than with any other standard VR game. It’s also thoroughly enjoyable. 

Grab The Climb 2 and you can adventure to new heights in places you’ve never been before. With breathtaking views you’ll fully love in VR.  

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