Best VPN for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 SBMM and COD Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer – Express

Best VPN for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 SBMM and COD Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer – Express
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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – more commonly referred to as CoD: MW2 – is now available on store shelves worldwide alongside the hotly-anticipated new instalment of Call of Duty‘s blockbuster free-to-play battle royal game Warzone 2.0. And both of these multiplayer experiences enjoy a serious boost when played with a VPN. 
These immensely-popular CoD multiplayer experiences are playable on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Sony PS5, and Sony PS4 players right now. With Activision servers now online for thousands of CoD: MW2 and Warzone 2.0 players ready to dive into the latest titles, the race to level-up is on.
Don’t forget – the original CoD Warzone is still available to players who want to stick with the original title too (along with its controversial SBMM feature still in place, unless you use a VPN).
The launch of of MW2 hasn’t been without controversy. Following a number of beta weekends earlier this year, players were perturbed to discover that Activision seems to be relying on the controversial SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking) used in CoD: Warzone to determine gunfights within the all-new MW2 too. Popular streamer TimTheTatman, who boasts over four million subscribers on YouTube, said he wouldn’t stream the game if the feature was present.
“I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, SBMM [skill-based matchmaking], I dare say, is killing video games as a whole,” he said.
SBMM isn’t a setting that you can toggle on or off, it’s baked into the server-side settings. Ouch.
Fortunately, the s can ensure that you swerve features like SBMM when playing online multiplayer in both CoD: MW2 and Warzone 2.0. Using a CoD VPN could enable you more control over who your next opponent could be. It also returns match-matching in online multiplayer to what many CoD players have been accustomed to for years.
ExpressVPN is giving away three months for free as well as 49% off its usual subscription cost. Since ExpressVPN supports Klarna, so you’ll be able to pay in small instalments. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is almost a free trial!
And there are other benefits to using a VPN with Call Of Duty titles too.
VPNs can be used to unlock different regional in-game perks. It’s also possible for in-game hackers to trace your IP and DDoS your home network – interrupting your gameplay and causing chaos. Using a VPN will defend against these types of attack and will ensure your identity and location is protected when playing online.
Want to get started? ExpressVPN has an almost imperceptible impact on your download speeds – making it the perfect VPN for online multiplayer. And for a limited time, new customers will get three months of VPN for free, with a generous 49% discount on the remaining subscription.
Scroll down for more details on ExpressVPN, how VPNs work in Call of Duty multiplayer, how VPNs can disable SBMM in MW2 and Warzone 2.0, and additional information on how a VPN works. Click on any of the links to immediately jump to the relevant section.cod warzone 2.0 release time vpnCall of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is the instalment in the blockbuster battle royal spin-off from the mainline Call of Duty series. Like other popular free-to-play titles, including Fortnite, Fall Guys, Apex Legends, and Rocket League, Warzone 2.0 will continually evolve with the arrival of new bundles of content, dubbed “seasons”.
While Warzone 2.0 will clearly be the focus for developer Activision moving forward, it has pledged not to kill off the original Warzone for players who want to continue playing in the first instalment. None of your cosmetics, your rank level, or statistics will transfer from Call of Duty: Warzone to Warzone 2.0 as the follow-up is a completely new title.
There is one exception to this rule – your CoD Points will be transferable across all games as long as you’re playing on the same machine.
Warzone 2.0 will be playable from November 16, 2022, the publishers have confirmed. Given the humongous file sizes we’ve come to expect from the latest Call of Duty instalments (the first Warzone title required somewhere north of 100GB of free space on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S…) Activision will helpfully allow players to pre-install some of the biggest files so they can immediately jump into the game when the release time arrives. 
Players can begin pre-loading the files required for CoD: Warzone 2.0 starting from Monday November 14, 2022. For those around the world, the pre-load start times are as follows:
This will be available to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players. This 48-hour window to download and install all of the files should ensure that everyone – even those with the slowest broadband speeds – can get everything in place ready for the worldwide launch on November 16, 2022. Those who already have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 installed on their console might find the install size of Warzone 2.0 is slightly less cumbersome as the two games share some files.
The release time for Warzone 2.0 is currently scheduled for Wednesday November 16, 2022 at the following times:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 season one will go live at the same time, so expect servers to be immensely busy. Early adopters who tried to play MW2 on the first night reported some match-matching issues, dropped connections, and stuttering. These issues usually resolve themselves within a few hours as demand settles to normal levels. 
The arrival of a new Call of Duty release is a big deal. The launch of Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) sees series stalwarts Infinity Ward back at the helm. MW2 is a direct sequel to the 2019 reboot, dubbed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Confusingly, both the 2019 reboot and 2022 sequel share the same titles as 2007 and 2009 releases in the series.
The Modern Warfare campaign was available one week ahead of the official release date (October 28, 2022) to players who had placed a preorder for the digital copy of the game. Like the launch of the campaign, the release time of the online multiplayer depends on whether you’re playing on PC or Xbox or PlayStation. The region you’re based in will also impact when you can start to play the hotly-anticipated online multiplayer.
The CoD: MW2 multiplayer release time on Sony PlayStation and Xbox is scheduled for 0.01am in your local timezone. This will see the release staggered across the globe.
There is an exception – North America. CoD players in the USA and Canada will see online multiplayer launch at 0.01am on the East Coast. Due to the time difference, those on the West Coast, will be able to start playing at 9.01pm on Thursday October 27, vpn codThe MW2 release time on PC is synchronised across the globe.
Due to different timezones, that means some PC players will be able to play CoD: MW2 ahead of schedule …while others will have to wait longer than their console counterparts. The release times for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer on PC are:
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is software designed to create a secure, encrypted tunnel to shield your data whenever you go online.
This layer of protection stops hackers from intercepting your data or tracking your location. It can also prevent advertisers from keeping tabs on your web history to tailor adverts to your tastes. Lastly, it can also block your internet provider from storing data on your online habits, which in some countries can be sold on to third-parties.
In other words, think of a VPN like a supercharged version of the Incognito Mode built into your Chrome web browser.
But there are other benefits too.
The best VPN providers offer a choice of thousands of server locations around the world. Routing your online traffic via any of these VPN servers will manually change your IP address, making it appear as if you’re located in another city, country, or continent. This allows you to unlock new TV shows, sports fixtures, streaming services, or movies not available in your country. It can also reveal new in-game item packs restricted to select countries worldwide.
The ability to spoof your location with a VPN is also what enables you to bypass SBMM in online multiplayer titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2.
SBMM refers to the practice of “Skill-Based Matchmaking”, which sees players matched exclusively based on their abilities. Developers, like Activision, claim that SBMM ensures that everyone gets higher-quality matches. And while it’s undoubtedly true that SBMM can be a great way to get new players into the game – since they’re only face-off against players with similar abilities – it can be a headache for those at the top.
At the top ranks of titles like CoD: Warzone, players will continually spar with the best of the best. This means players need to try exceptionally hard each and every time they load-up the game as even a momentarily lapse could see them finish bottom of the table. There’s no reprieve to be found in unranked modes either.
For those who want to use games as an escape, this can be pretty infuriating. Since the best players on the planet tend not to be based within a 400-miles radius, it means top players are being matched with gamers on the other side of the planet, instead of prioritising latency and ping time – and ensuring everyone has the best possible connection.
Activision has stayed pretty quiet on the controversy around SBMM in its titles and never outright confirmed its use across Call of Duty titles.
There are a number of benefits to using a VPN when playing Call of Duty titles like MW2 and Warzone.
First up, players claim the software can be used to bypass the dreaded SBMM algorithm by manually changing your location. This allows you to change your location to a country with a different timezone – ideally at a quieter time of day, which means you’ll likely to placed in a gamer server with fewer players, increasing your chances of getting easier lobbies in Warzone and MW2.
Evenings are typically the busiest times, so it makes sense to avoid that time – as that’s when you’re most likely to come across the strongest competition.
As well as SBMM, Call of Duty still relies on data-markers like time zone, ping and latency to create its lobbies. Otherwise, players could find themselves waiting for hours until someone with a similarly-matched KD ratio to pick-up a controller. So, players with the mammoth KD ratios of 3.0 or more, then switching to a quieter server is a good way to get Activision to turn a blind-eye to your ability and match you with less able players. This is why your chances are dramatically increased of swerving SBMM.
Manually changing your IP address (and therefore, location) can also help to protect your identity online. In-game agitators have been known to track the location of players, using IP address, and launch a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack to take out their internet connection. If you’re worried about these cyber attacks or want to enjoy a match against players that have an almost identical KD ratio – a VPN is a great choice for CoD players.
Set on using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Call of Duty? Our top pick is ExpressVPN. We’ve got more details on this stellar VPN service below, or you can sign-up now and get three months for free and 49% off your remaining subscription.
Money-back guarantee: Yes, 30 days
Customer support: 24/7 live chat
Server locations: 160+
Maximum number of connections: 5
Password manager: Yes
ExpressVPN is a brilliant choice for gaming, including the biggest Call of Duty: MW2 and Call of Duty: Warzone, because of its minimal impact on bandwidth. Sure, routing your traffic through a VPN server – especially one on the other side of the planet – is always going to slow your broadband speed slightly. But while some providers have huge impacts on your ability to stream video, play games, and make video calls …ExpressVPN is not one of them.
We’ve got details on speeds tests before and after connecting to one of ExpressVPN’s servers to determine its impact, which you can see in our in-depth .
ExpressVPN charges a little more than the competition, but its reliability and download speed justifies that cost. The VPN provider also offers a 30-day no-quibbles money-back guarantee, which acts almost like a free trial for the service.
Given that privacy is one of the biggest reasons to use a VPN, it’s reassuring that ExpressVPN never collects identifying information about its customers, including IP address, online activity, traffic destination, or even the length of each session. In fact, ExpressVPN has taken a number of additional steps to prove its dedication to privacy.
The company has based itself in the British Virgin Islands because there are no data retention laws there. That means ExpressVPN isn’t legally obliged to keep tabs on the browsing habits of its customers, so even if law enforcement request data on you …ExpressVPN has nothing to hand over. This is different to companies based in the UK, mainland Europe and United States which are required to keep some records on customers.
ExpressVPN accepts a wide range of payment options, including Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Paypal and Bitcoin are also options. Klarna is also supported for those who want to unlock the massive discount available – reserved for the one-year subscription plans – but still want to pay in smaller instalments.
New ExpressVPN subscribers can unlock 15 months of the award-winning VPN for the price of 12 months. But better than that, ExpressVPN supports Klarna, so you’ll still be able to pay for the subscription in small instalments – while enjoying the biggest discount available!
24/7 Customer Support: Yes | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
Money-back guarantee: Yes, 30 days
Customer support: 24/7 live chat
Server locations: 80+
Maximum number of connections: 6
Password manager: Yes
NordVPN is a superb VPN with over 5,000 server locations spread across 59 countries worldwide. And its subscription plans tend to be a little more affordable than ExpressVPN, so those on a budget might be better suited using NordVPN to play CoD: MW2 and Warzone – while still unlocking all of the benefits of gaming with a VPN.
Want more detail? Our in-depth has speed test results, feature breakdowns, and more.
NordVPN allows subscribers to connect a generous 6 different devices at the same time. That’s especially handy since NordVPN has apps for almost every device you could think of, including iPhone, iPad, Android, games consoles, Chromebooks, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick dongles, Windows, Linux, and macOS. NordVPN also offers software for Wi-Fi routers, so you can ensure that everything connected to your home Wi-Fi network is protected – perfect for devices without a dedicated app from NordVPN.
Split-tunnelling is included as standard with NordVPN, so you’ll be able to ensure your CoD: Warzone game is shielded by a VPN connection, while other devices or applications on your PC continue to connect directly (and unprotected) to the internet.
NordVPN isn’t just a Virtual Private Network as your subscription also covers a password manager from the brand. For those who don’t know, password managers allow you to generate unique passwords for every website or app that you use. These are all stored within the password manager, so you don’t need to remember every % symbol or random sequence of numbers.
NordVPN offers a number of possible payment options, including all major credit card providers (Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and Discovery). PayPal and Amazon Pay are also accepted too. Unlike most of the other providers on this list, you can also pay for NordVPN using Apple Pay and Google Pay. This will allow you to breeze through the checkout process, with your iPhone or Android filling in all of the payment details (and keeping your credit card details stashed away).
For a limited time, get three months of NordVPN for free. Even better, the remaining months of your subscription will be discounted by a whopping 64% as part of its blockbuster Black Friday sale
24/7 Customer Support: Yes | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
Money-back guarantee: Yes, 30 days
Customer support: 24/7 live chat
Server locations: 100+
Maximum number of connections: Unlimited
Password manager: No
Surfshark VPN might just be the around – with discounts over 80% available on its VPN subscription. Of course, you’ll get access to all of the usual features – with solid apps available for all of your devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, Fire TV, and macOS.
For those with bucketloads of gadgets at home, Surfshark means you won’t need to juggle which devices are signed-in …something that you might be forced to do with ExpressVPN’s 5 device limit and NordVPN’s (slightly) more generous 6 gadget ceiling.
Like our top pick, Surfshark does offer a password manager for subscribers (at an extra cost) so you can secure all aspects of your digital life with a single monthly bill. Password managers allow you to create unique alpha-numeric passwords for every online account, with all of these impossible-to-remember passwords stored in an online repository. All you need to do is remember the password to the software vault.
Elsewhere, you’ll find the same 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, so there’s no risk when signing up for the first time and seeing how Surfshark performs for you. The money-back guarantee acts a little like a free trial, so you can unlock the biggest discounts by signing up for longer contract lengths, safe in the knowledge that you can get a full refund if you don’t get along with Surfshark.
Surfshark VPN accepts all credit cards, from VISA to Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. There’s also Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay – handy if you don’t want to manually fill-out all of your details at the checkout. You can also pay for your VPN subscription with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
If you want an incredible deal, look no further than Surfshark VPN. It offers the same encryption and privacy as other VPNs, but does so at a much lower monthly cost. Surfshark lets subscribers sign-in to an unlimited number of devices, compared to the 5 or 6 device limit imposed by ExpressVPN and NordVPN, respectively
24/7 Customer Support: Yes | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yesbest vpn for codIf you prefer to play your Call Of Duty on a mobile device, you’ll be able to use all of the VPN providers listed in the article above with COD Mobile. Better still, since the Virtual Private Networks included in this guide allow subscribers to be signed-in simultaneously on between 5 (ExpressVPN) to an unlimited number of gadgets (Surfshark VPN) then you’ll be able to use these VPNs for COD Mobile as well as console and PC titles like Call Of Duty: MW2 and Warzone for the same flat monthly fee.
Like all other versions of Call Of Duty, there are some advantages to using a VPN service with this best-selling game. VPNs are known for their ability to boost privacy online, and the same applies for those playing COD on their smartphone and tablets – protecting your IP address from nefarious players looking to cause chaos with DDoS attacks. VPNs also enable you to bypass restrictions applied by your mobile network, with some of these services restricting gaming traffic on 4G and 5G networks to save bandwidth. With a VPN, everything you’re doing online is shielded from outsiders, so there’s no way for third-party companies to know what you’re doing – bypassing any restrictions or limits on specific types of traffic.
New ExpressVPN subscribers can unlock 15 months of the award-winning VPN for the price of 12 months. But better than that, ExpressVPN supports Klarna, so you’ll still be able to pay for the subscription in small instalments – while enjoying the biggest discount available!
24/7 Customer Support: Yes | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
If you still haven’t got your hands on the latest entry into the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise, there are some superb deals out there. Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy the game on PlayStation, Xbox or PC – there are some huge discounts already available. See below to slash £15 off the price of this must-have FPS today!
For a limited-time only you can get over £15 off when you buy Modern Warfare 2 from The Game Collection. To take advantage of the deal you need to sign-up as a new member for TopCashback. This will let you get Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation or Xbox for under £45.
If you don’t want to sign-up for TopCashback then here are the best prices for the Modern Warfare 2 cross-gen bundle for PS4 and PS5.
Alternatively, here are the best prices for the Modern Warfare 2 cross-gen bundle for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
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