Diwali Shopping 2022: Manage Your Last-Minute Purchases Using These Popular Apps! – Trak.in

Diwali Shopping 2022: Manage Your Last-Minute Purchases Using These Popular Apps! – Trak.in

The festive season is fast approaching and we all know what that means. Parties, poojas, bonding, and for those of us who host these gatherings, endless planning and stressing over preparations.
It seems inevitable during these festive times that after days of planning, you end up forgetting some little thing that is essential for the event to be successful. In those moments of panic, we can turn to these 5 apps to manage our last-minute purchases this festive season. 
Blinkit: “Instant commerce indistinguishable from magic”. That is the brand mission Blinkit holds at its core. It is among the largest e-grocery and e-retail platforms in India with the goals of increasing their presence 100x over the nest 5 years. For you and me, all this translates to even faster delivery of an even larger variety of items. Be it 20 Cadbury’s you need to keep the children happy or just 1 pack of expensive tea for that picky family member, Blinkit has you covered. 
Winni- The guilty pleasure of everyone during festivals (whether they admit it or not) is gifts. Many of us feel like putting just a bit more effort into a good friend’s or family member’s gift so that they feel special and loved. This is where Winni shines. Winni is an e-retail platform that combines bakery, confectionery, floristry, and professional gifting services all while offering same-day delivery across India. Apart from all their gifts and cakes, winni is among the best services to use for international deliveries as well, with partners in 37 nations. 
RING- There are so many things we hope to buy during Diwali time. The one dress you were eying for 3 months, that video game that you were hoping would go on sale, that new phone you promised yourself a year ago. Sometimes, we need some help getting these dream items and the one powering those dreams could be RING. RING is a human-first, tech platform catering to aspirational young Indians that offers transaction credit within 5-mins that can be used across platforms. You can use the app to shop at lakhs of merchant stores across the country, transfer the credit limit to your own bank account, and pay bills. The icing on the cake is the additional value the app creates through offers, discounts, rewards and cashbacks. As an RBI approved app, RING takes utmost care to protect customer data and prevent frauds.
Rentmojo- One of the most pressing worries for us during the festive season is making sure our house looks as flawless as possible. And so begins the process of polishing the wooden sofas and covering up wall cracks with decoration. However, when you really want to wow those guests and add cool creature comforts without breaking the bank, Rentmojo is your best bet. Rentmojo is an unusual furniture e-retail company because it takes permanence out of the equation, allowing you to rent furniture, appliances, and even electronic devices. As such, RentoMojo allows you to turn your home more awesome for Diwali and then go back to its familiar self just a month later. 
Shopper’s Stop, Express Pickup- Let’s be honest: everyone likes dressing up. Even that grouchy kid who says he only likes her plain black T-shirts and torn jeans will probably be seen in a traditional embroidered kurta and will secretly love it. But what to do when you look through your wardrobe and find nothing new to wear? If time is of the essence, Shopper’s Stop might be your best option. Shopper’s Stop is a chain of clothing stores that requires no introduction. However, their express pick-up is not nearly as well known. The concept is simple: Find your products online, the site will check their availability at your nearest shopper’s stop, pay online, go to the store, and collect your new clothes directly. This combines the speed of in-person clothing purchases with the convenience of online shopping. Making it the ideal option for a last-minute wardrobe revamp. 
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