EE Adds Over 150 New UK Locations to its 5G Mobile Network –

EE Adds Over 150 New UK Locations to its 5G Mobile Network –

Mobile operator EE (BT) has today announced that they’ve extended the coverage of their ultrafast 5G based (mobile broadband) network to more than 150 new locations across the United Kingdom, including various Christmas markets and places such as Kettering, Carlisle, Portlethen and Merthyr Tydfil etc.
At present, EE’s 5G network already covers over 50% of the UK’s population (here), which typically involves the use of various different radio spectrum bands, such as 3.4-4GHz, 2100MHz and 700MHz (the chosen bands may differ between mast sites).
The operator usually only announces new locations as being live if they have a minimum population of 10,000 people, within which they must also be delivering 5G coverage to “at least a third of that local population as well as the centre of the location” (some of their rivals announce locations despite only having the smallest of coverage).
The 150 new locations being announced today, which are being covered by 5G, stretch from Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire (England) to Pontypridd in Wales and Portlethen in Scotland. At the time of writting we don’t have a full list (we hope to be able to add this shortly), but the operator did list a summary of the more notable locations.
List of the New 5G Locations (Partial)
In England
In Scotland
In Wales
Milford Haven
Ebbw Vale
Merthyr Tydfil
In addition, EE has also improved 5G coverage and capacity across a number of popular Christmas Markets within existing deployment locations.
Christmas Market 5G Upgrades
Birmingham (home to the Frankfurt Christmas market)
Edinburgh (home to the Edinburgh Christmas Market)
Nottingham (home to Winter Wonderland)
London Hyde Park (home to Winter Wonderland)
Manchester (home to various Christmas markets)
Bath (home of Bath Christmas Market)
Newcastle (home of Newcastle Christmas market)
Padstow (home of the Padstow Christmas Festival)
Belfast (home of the Belfast Continental Christmas market)
Lincoln (home of Lincoln Christmas market)
Greg McCall, Chief Networks Officer, BT Group, said: “There is nothing like the sights and smells of a Christmas market. This year, with more people expected to visit some of the nation’s major destinations, ensuring the availability of high capacity, super-fast connectivity is crucial for customers and traders alike. As we continue to invest in and expand our 5G network, we’re thrilled to be powering Christmas market destinations across more of the UK.”
UPDATE 10:54am
Sadly, EE has declined to provide a full list of the 150 new locations, which is a shame since they’ve had no trouble doing this in the past.
3 wants to put a 5G mast up not far from me, no doubt they will be given the permission, I still see little point in 5G for mobiles to be honest.
Which is your opinion, The 5G networks are in much better shape for some vendors, 3 Included. Their customers will be plenty happy a 5G mast appears (including home broadband users) because they’ll get generally better latency and speed.
I don’t see how better service can be derided as a problem.
I can understand why some people may want 5G for home broadband if they can’t get Fibre, but why do people need all that speed for phones? 4G here is faster than my home broadband, and for a phone I think that is ample. Need to sort out the blank spots of 4G before mucking around with 5G.
People around here where the mast is going will either have access to fibre or will be able to get access to fibre soon, so no need for super high speed 5G. Where it is going is close enough for me to be honest, less than half a mile as the crow flies. Considering how bad 5G is sometimes in reliability, I doubt many people are going to get much of a benefit from it inside.
5G download speeds are faster than 4G downloads on phones obviously but it speeds up Google play app updates and the apple iphone store apps faster.
On 4G plus on EE on my phone I’m getting over 300 Mbps fast enough to update my phone apps on my s20fe 5G .
Great, but what I really wish they would do is fill in the not-spots first. Many rural areas of Yorkshire and Cumbria without any type of coverage still in 2022.
Has EE Forgotten about Northern Ireland?
Yes, they don’t care about this part of the world. Their reception in rural areas here is already abysmal and they are showing no signs of improving it. Northern Ireland just seems to be an inconvenience for EE.
Perhaps you could try talking to these guys who did a talk on building the UK’s 5th MNO to address rural connection issues. Thy might actually consider Northern Ireland as their next project
EE: Put 1 mast in this town and say it’s done.
5G went live in Banchory some months ago – before that I was getting 4G speed tests of 150-200Mbps, now I get 5G speed tests of around 100Mbps max, and 4G similar!
> EE has also improved 5G coverage and capacity across a number of popular Christmas Markets […] London Hyde Park (home to Winter Wonderland)
They have literally zero temporary infrastructure at Winter Wonderland, and are close to unusable alongside Three. O2/VF are the only networks which are performing well there.
I’ve got my phone forced to stay on 4G. Even outside with line of sight to the masts the 5G data speeds on both EE and Three are slower than 4G whilst stood in the same spot. 5G coverage indoors is not useable. EE/Three replaced their local 4G mast with a new 5G one and 4G data speeds immediately dropped from about 40 Mbps to 2-3 Mbps at best.
Per EE coverage checker, not yet following Three to enable 5G in Holt, Norfolk (they share a mast). Three’s rollout as mentioned on ISP review a few months back (and I still have the figurative bruised from falling off my chair when I say that post)
EE only has a tiny patch of 5G in Norwich. If they can only do a half-arsed job in the city there’s not much hope for the smaller towns in Norfolk.
I’d just like a decent 4G signal please EE. Its not like I live in the middle of nowhere (Small town a few miles from Southampton) but 4G signal is patchy at best (EE, 3) and unusable at worse (Voda, O2). I wouldn’t mind but all the signal maps said it 4G is good indoors and out. 8Mb outdoors, 1Mb indoors if it works is not good. I live in a standard 70s brick build house too. Can’t even get a smart meter without an aerial on the side of the house…
Hopefully with the decommissioning of 3G and transition to 4G/5G, signal reception will improve. Of course receiving a signal is only part of the solution, proper optical connections for back-haul at the masts must be done in tandem. Like many of the other comments, I sometimes find that when I do get a 5G signal, it is slower than a 4G connection.
UPDATE 10:54am
Sadly, EE has declined to provide a full list of the 150 new locations, which is a shame since they’ve had no trouble doing this in the past.
No surprised there
It’s about time a network provider updated our systems here in Towcester. It’s like we are just forgotten.
I was staying at a property on Watling Street last year for a few days and can 100% confirm that there was sod all indoor coverage on any network. Everybody else also had the same issue. Got me thinking about open access femto-cells that Vodafone, EE, Three or O2 SIMs could happily roam with no issue for such cases.
Then again, it might never happen unless someone such as Telet gets involved with an open source type solution with DIY in mind e.g. a Raspberry Pi with Software Defined Radio. You could even potentially sell a pre-configured version for those not interested in the DIY approach, although it would of course be abit niche.
Before anybody mentions it, yes – I know you can use WiFi for calling and texting too but is can be a arse ache when every property was like that & you’d need to connect to every WiFi network in the town
I scrapped Virgin and now use Three 5G broadband router and obviously their 5g phone network. And in my personal opinion when I’m reaching 700Meg down and 150Meg up at peak times and paying £21 p/m and zero down time in 6 months I’m winning
Obviously I fully understand I’m lucky to be near a 5G mast before I get the usual nonsense replys
Ebbw Vale?!
5G coverage was paid for here using public money – DCMS and Welsh Assembly. How can this be listed as part of EE’s commercial rollout?
I never knew how it got past the funding round, 5G market failure hasn’t even materialised to justify state intervention – or has it??
Nothing for Telford on EE 5G yet it could be the year 2026 by the time Telford gets any 5G coverage what a joke. Disappointing….
Telford has had EE 5G for over a year…….
I think this is a little… fishy..
Carlisle has had EE 5G for a couple of years now, however about 6 months they announced that it is a new enabled city. There was an article posted on here about how they wait till it has a decent coverage to call it.
Part of this 150, appears to be double cities.. Or that’s the case in Carlisle…
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