How can LMS be of help in customer training? – Grit Daily

How can LMS be of help in customer training? – Grit Daily

A customer-based learning management system is software that enables the organization to deliver and manage educational content to customers and its other audiences. It is exclusively educational and aims at providing valuable learning content. For example, A LMS, such as UKG Pro, allows the companies to manage files, access learning material from anywhere, improves flexibility, and promotes easy learning. 
While there are many things that a typical LMS can do apart from internal learning and drafting developmental programs, the following are some key points that make it more customer-centric:
LMS platforms are used globally, across various industries, and for different learning purposes. Hence, the primary motive is to keep the customers engaged and satisfied. For that, some attributes can be of help.
 Let’s look at some important features in LMS which can be helpful in customer training-
Saves time, money, and efforts
A good LMS saves a lot of time. If we have to do the onboarding according to traditional methods, we would be burying our heads under piles of paperwork. Also, the customers can come from any part of the world. Hence the training is not restricted to any geographical setting. Customers should be able to learn from the content at their own pace.
 Information is made available anytime anywhere.
All the information stored in an LMS can be assessed from anywhere and at any time. It can be viewed from a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone, for that matter. You can have access to calendars, various courses, etc. Also, it provides the flexibility to update the content and to delete and add files as and when needed. 
Customers are not our employees, so we cannot schedule training sessions for them, nor can we assign a particular time for them to learn from the information given. It has to be truly self-paced so that they can refer and learn through it in their time of need.
Award them certificates at course completion
The customers can come from any part of the world, so it becomes impossible to conduct a single workshop and sharpen their skills; hence training is done with the help of e-learning platforms and through e-learning courses. At the completion stage of the course, digital certificates are issued, which hold equivalent value to physical certificates. Awarding them certificates makes them feel good value; also, who doesn’t like a little appreciation, right?
Evaluate the success of your customer training programs 
An important feature of customer-friendly LMS is that it provides feedback and insights on the learning performance. How much growth can be expected from the customers in the stipulated time frame? What can be done to fill in the gap if there is some lag between the expectation and performance? Answers to these features improve the learning programs drastically and ensure customer success in a short period.
The learning doesn’t end the day you step out of the county; hence a good LMS should not be geographically restricted. It should support global language localization, payment getaways, and a universal time frame. The knowledge should be accessible anywhere for all the learners, in the country or outside.
Social Learning 
Humans prefer learning through social media channels, it has changed the way we receive and share information. No doubt, learning through social channels can make it easy, but there is a fear of consuming misinformation. Social chat boards, online forums, or discussion panels should be available to the customers. They can be monitored, and any false information can be deleted and taken off the platform.
As the pandemic hit us, the value of the digital world has come floating on top. Customer-friendly LMS has become important, as when it comes to delivering content, no one can match a customer-friendly learning management system. 
Making multiple reports, sharing spreadsheets, or having the learning material ready at all times not only saves a lot of time but also enhances productivity and knowledge. 

Cory Maki is a former Staff Editor and the Business Development Manager at Grit Daily.
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