How to fix the EA app on Steam Deck and Linux desktop – GamingOnLinux

How to fix the EA app on Steam Deck and Linux desktop – GamingOnLinux

Recently, Valve did an update in Proton Experimental that did get the EA app working again. The problem is that it doesn’t stick and the EA app will break itself. It might work fine for a few launches, and then suddenly another it just won’t work.
It can be really problematic, especially on Steam Deck, as it might cause a spinning Steam logo of doom that requires a reboot of the Steam Deck to get rid of the broken loading.
Here’s one way to fix it: what you’ll need to do, is remove the Proton files for the game (it works for any game using the EA app). For Steam Deck players, here’s a brief video guide that also warns you about save backups and points you in the direction of where you might need to go to make a backup:
Steam Deck:
Desktop Linux:
For save backups, each game is different, it’s best to look it up using your favourite search engine first. PCGamingWiki might list where the save files are.
This is the easiest fix I’ve found so far, that doesn’t require the use of Protontricks or swapping Proton versions that could cause other issues (like a broken Proton Prefix) or anything else. Not all games need a save backup, but it’s best not to rely on Steam Cloud (and some games don’t have it).


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