How to refund a game on Steam: Tips to get your money back – Pocket-lint

How to refund a game on Steam: Tips to get your money back – Pocket-lint

Steam is a fantastic digital platform because it gives you the option to refund a game, even if you’ve played a bit of it.

Steam is a fantastic digital platform to buy your games from because it gives you the option to refund a game, even if you’ve played a bit of it. 

If you’ve ever bought a game and then had post-purchase regret because it was broken, buggy or just didn’t live up to the hype then this is the feature for you. 

Steam’s refund policy is also wonderfully forgiving as it lets you play up to two hours of a game and still be able to get a refund on it. There are some requirements you need to meet though, so follow our guide to find out more on how to refund a game on Steam. 

There are some things to keep in mind before you try to request a refund on Steam. It’s theoretically possible to submit a request for any game that you’ve bought on Steam, as long as you purchased it less than 14 days ago and haven’t played more than two hours.

So there’s no point in trying to request a refund for games you’ve bought a couple of years ago and never played. They’ll forever be part of your library. 

However, Steam does say that it will still consider some requests even if they don’t meet those requirements, depending on the reasons. 

It is worth noting that although Valve is pretty relaxed about Steam refunds you can still be denied a game refund request if the company suspects that you are abusing the system. 

So don’t go requesting refunds constantly or trying to use the system to speedrun games and then ask for a refund. Your right to ask for a refund may then be revoked and you won’t be able to do it in future. 

As well as Steam games, it’s also possible to refund other things including downloadable content and in-game items. As with games, you have a 14-day window to request a refund on DLC as long as you’ve not played the game it relates to for more than two hours since the DLC purchase. 

There are some exceptions to this though, like if the DLC completely changes the game in a way that cannot be reversed. 

For in-game content, the policies are a little different. If it’s a Valve-developed game then you usually have 48 hours to request a refund on in-game purchases as long as the purchase hasn’t been modified, used or transferred. Games from other developers may be different. 

Valve has a strict policy against banned players getting refunds. If you’ve got a VAC ban (the Valve Anti-Cheat system) on your account or on a particular game then you won’t be able to get a refund on that game. 

It is possible to refund a gifted game through Steam as well. You need to meet the same requirements first – i.e. not having played it for more than two hours and having it in your account for less than 14-days but if that’s so then you can ask for a refund. 

If you request a refund on a game that a friend has purchased for you then the funds will return to their account when the refund is processed. 

Another good feature of Steam’s refund policy is that it also works around sale periods. So if you bought a game before a Steam sale, without realising that was about to happen and now it’s significantly discounted don’t worry you can still refund. As long as you meet the usual requirements Valve says that you can request a refund for the full price of the game that you purchased and then buy it again at the discounted price. 

In order to request a refund you just need to follow a few different steps:

When trying to refund a game you’ll find a number of different options you can select as the reason. 

These include:

Gameplay and technical issues, purchasing by accident and “it’s not what I expected” are often seen as the most likely reason to request and receive a refund.  If you’ve selected one of the reasons and have a chance to say why you want a refund then we recommend doing so. Especially if there’s a problem with the game with bugs or issues that might be a legitimate complaint that others are having too. 

If you’re not on the PC you have Steam installed on, don’t worry as you can carry out the refund request in another way too. Just head over to the Steam Support site, log in there and then follow the same steps. 

Once you’ve submitted the request all you have to do is wait. Your request will need to be checked and Valve says that the approval process can take up to seven days. You should get an email when it is complete. 
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