How to use TikTok’s AI portrait filter – Dexerto

How to use TikTok’s AI portrait filter – Dexerto

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TikTok users are going viral by trying out the popular AI portrait filter which transforms your face into a beautiful image — here’s how to try out the filter for yourself.
TikTok is constantly adding new filters to the platform, with many of these effects going on to spark viral trends and generate millions of views and likes on the app.
AI filters have been dominating social media over the past few months, with people using various different apps and software to turn themselves into other things. This includes the AI manga filter which turns you into an anime character, and the AI face filter which blends you with an object or person of your choice.
The latest AI filter to do the rounds appears to have been inspired by the app Lensa, which has taken off on social media.
People have had mixed results with this effect but many have loved the results, going on to use the image as their profile pictures.
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The AI portrait filter currently only appears to be available in certain regions or on certain devices, so if you do not currently have access to the effect, you may have to wait until it has rolled out to more people for you to try it.
To see whether you have access, and to test the filter out for yourself, do as follows:
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