I’m in my 40s and single – men on dating apps ask me for inappropriate pictures but I’ve got the best way t… – The Sun

I’m in my 40s and single – men on dating apps ask me for inappropriate pictures but I’ve got the best way t… – The Sun

A WOMAN in her 40s has shared the ultimate hack for handling moments when men on dating apps act inappropriately.
After men on the apps asked for indecent pictures of her, she clapped back in the best way possible.
TikTok user Vickey Foster typically posts makeup tips and beauty hacks for women in their 40s like herself.
She switched up her content a bit by telling viewers about an experience where she dealt with two men on a dating app who overstepped their boundaries.
In the video, she shares the simple way she got back at both men and asserted herself as uninterested in dealing with their forwardness.
Foster shows online audiences that she has certain standards for mature dating that she will not lower.
"Y'all not gonna believe this," Foster says at the start of the video. "I went to my little dating website today, and I saw that I had a couple of messages."
She proceeds to explain how after she opened the first one she was presented with "a very inappropriate picture on there."
The content creator didn't spend time dwelling on it, reading a message from another man asking for inappropriate pictures.
"I went to message number one and I copied that picture," she states. "And I went back to message number two, and I sent that picture."
"I said, 'John, meet Jim' and 'Jim, meet John.' Y'all seem to be very like-minded and you don't live too far from each other. Good luck. I hope it works out for you," she declared.
Foster is not one to take any unappreciated behavior lightly and made it very clear what she will and will not tolerate from her prospective partners.
"Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it," she claims.
Before the video comes to a close, she mentions that the previously mentioned names were false and the actual names of the men were changed "to protect the not-so-innocent."
Viewers praised her for her approach to the situation and many offered positive feedback in the comments.
"Great way to handle that!!" one viewer commented.
"I wouldn't have changed their names….." another user added.
"You are just awesome beyond words! Lmaf….Sounds like something I would come up with…God bless sister," another voiced.
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