King Charles spending ‘own money’ to give bonus to Royal staff, critics call it offensive | Mint – Mint

King Charles spending ‘own money’ to give bonus to Royal staff, critics call it offensive | Mint – Mint

Those earning less than £30,000 ( 28.5 lakh) a year will get £600 (about Rs. 57,000) as a one-time bonus.
To assist with the rising cost of living, King Charles III is offering his workers a one-time incentive of up to £600 (about Rs. 57,000). The bonuses, which would total tens of thousands of pounds and be given on top of this month’s pay to workers including cleaners, would come in part from the King’s own wealth. The bonus is applicable for those earning less than £30,000 ( 28.5 lakh) a year.
The Sovereign Grant is used to pay for 491 full-time equivalent employees spread among the royal palaces, with a wage expense of £23.7 million, according to the royal accounts for 2020–2021.
In order to help the household’s lowest income deal with the rising cost of living, King Charles is distributing money from his own pocket, The Sun quoted a Royal insider as saying. A sliding scale is used to determine how much goes to whom, with the poorest and most needy people receiving the biggest quantities, the insider added.
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It reflects the reality of the economic circumstances the nation faces and is intended to target the areas of the Royal Household where it is most required. Charles is concerned for the financial security of the devoted palace employees, is fully aware of the skyrocketing energy costs they are paying, and is doing what he can to help, as per the insider.
It is not only those who earn less than £30,000 will get the bonus. However, the amount will be different as per their pay scale. A single payment of £400 will be made to those making between £30,000 and £40,000, and £350 will be given to those making between £40,000 and £45,000 per year. Other members of the Royal Household will also get a bonus, as per the BBC.
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Graham Smith, a supporter of the abolition of the monarchy, called it “offensive” and a ruse to make people think King Charles cared to help staff with living expenses with a few extra bucks per month. Charles avoids inheritance taxes, costing the taxpayer tens of millions of dollars annually, while everyone else is facing reductions in real terms pay, public services and benefits, the BBC quoted Smith as saying.
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