Steam Replay 2022: Know how to check what games you played – Economic Times

Steam Replay 2022: Know how to check what games you played – Economic Times

Use warm clothes. Drink lots of warm fluids, detoxifying teas and healthy concoctions.
Include Vitamin-C rich fruits and veggies. Take food having essential minerals zinc and selenium.
Do helpful breathing exercises regularly. Consider doing steam inhalation and hot water gargles.
Consider working out indoors, or exercise at a time when the skies would be relatively clearer.
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Technology infrastructure companies that are building digital storage facilities or data centres in India are petitioning the government to mandate local storage of user data as well as “reciprocity” in cross-border data flows, industry executives told ET.
The Supreme Court refused to stay the Competition Commission of India (CCI) order that asked Google to make changes to its Android ecosystem by January 19.
Employees in India are expected to get the highest average salary increments in the Asia-Pacific region this year, according to a survey, as companies face a shortage of talent and the local economy remains more insulated than others from global shocks.
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