Students Disciplined After 'Splat Gun' Incident At Manchester School – Patch

Students Disciplined After 'Splat Gun' Incident At Manchester School – Patch

MANCHESTER, CT — Two students are facing consequences after an incident involving a splat gun at Illing Middle School in Manchester.
Police said the incident, which took place this week, has not led to any arrests and added the incident is being investigated and handled internally over the short-term.
Splat guns are made of plastic and are designed to fire water or gel-based beads. The can be purchased locally at stores like Walmart and Target and have also been the focus of challenges on the social media platform TikTok. Police and school administrators did not say whether the Illing incident involved any social media challenge.
Illing principal Idelisa Torres sent out a message to the school community Monday:
“Dear Illing Middle School community:
“I’m writing to make you aware of a disturbing incident at school today and encouraging parents and guardians to discuss with their children the importance of making responsible decisions about what they bring to school.
“A student today brought a ‘splat’ water gun to Illing. This is a plastic gun that shoots water beads but can sound like an actual weapon. A second student shot the gun while in class and the bead hit a classmate. The incident created a great deal of alarm.
“The student who brought the gun to school and the student who used it are facing consequences for their actions and their parents were immediately contacted. We are also ensuring that those students who witnessed or heard about the incident and are upset are getting extra support from staff.
“Incidents like today’s are scary and unfortunate. As a school community, it is important that we look out for and care about one another. The safety of students and staff is our highest priority and, again, I encourage parents and guardians to talk to your children about what they can do to contribute to a safe and positive school environment.
“If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact your child’s administrator or feel free to reach out to me directly.”

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