Tapbot shuts down Tweetbot as it pivots to Mastodon – Yahoo Entertainment

Tapbot shuts down Tweetbot as it pivots to Mastodon – Yahoo Entertainment

Now that Twitter has confirmed it's banning third-party clients, some of the most prominent alternatives are going away. Tapbots has shut down work on Tweetbot, one of the more popular iOS apps, as Twitter rendered it non-functional "in a blink of an eye." The developer is instead pivoting to Ivory, an app for the open social platform Mastodon. While it's limited to an invitation-only test for now, Tapbots hopes to make the software "better than Tweetbot ever could be."
This isn't the only major Twitter app developer calling it quits. The Iconfactory has pulled Twitterrific from the iOS and macOS App Stores, and blasted the Musk-era Twitter as a company it "no longer recognize[s] as trustworthy." Android users, meanwhile, can't count on apps like Matteo Villa's Fenix (it's no longer available on Google Play) or Luke Klinker's Talon (which the creator warns "will cease to work").
The shutdowns follow roughly a week of disruption and unclear messaging. Numerous third-party apps suddenly stopped working around the evening of January 12th, with leaks suggesting it was intentional. Twitter later acknowledged it was breaking these apps, allegedly to enforce "long-standing" developer rules. The social media giant then quietly updated its developer agreement to formally ban unofficial clients.
Third-party Twitter clients generally haven't played a major role in recent years. In 2018, Sensor Tower determined that 6 million users had installed alternatives versus 560 million for the official Android and iOS apps. However, the ban doesn't help Twitter's bid to keep users and protect its bottom line. Third-party app users downloaded their software of choice precisely because they're active and want features that the official apps don't offer (such as more powerful media previews and searches). Twitter's policy risks alienating those users who hate the first-party app.
Twitter has quietly updated its developer agreement to make clear that app makers are no longer permitted to create their own clients.
The carrier said in a regulatory filing that it discovered the issue on January 5th, but that it believes the bad actors had been taking data from the company since November 25th.
CNBC reports Friday that fewer than 550 full-time engineers are left at the husk of a company — 1,300 in total — which, a few months ago, employed more than 7,500.
Google reportedly sees ChatGPT as a threat to its business and has sped up development of AI-powered products. It's claimed that the company could demo an AI chatbot for search at I/O in May.
Amazon Music Unlimited prices are going up in the US and UK, rising a dollar from $10 to $11 stateside starting on February 21, 2023.
LG has unveiled a portable projector that brings media apps and phone casting to more rooms in your home.
The orange and green dots you see at the top of your iPhone screen are enhanced security precautions as a result of the new security update for IOS 14 or better.
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University can now map human bodies through walls using WiFi signals. This won’t get creepy.
AT&T is a long-time household name that's synonymous with telephones and communications. The daily On-Balance-Volume (OBV) has moved up from a low in October but has "rolled over" in recent weeks. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) oscillator has just made a lower high when prices made a slightly higher high – creating a bearish divergence.
Apple is reportedly releasing a new update that will address a problem with some iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, with the iOS 16.3 Release Candidate now available.


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