The 7 Best Apps for the Apple Watch Ultra – IPhone – MUO – MakeUseOf

The 7 Best Apps for the Apple Watch Ultra – IPhone – MUO – MakeUseOf

Take your Apple Watch Ultra to new heights with some of these great apps.
The Apple Watch Ultra takes the popular smartwatch in a rugged new direction. Along with a new form factor, it offers the biggest screen and largest battery ever.
Add in a number of other unique features like an Action Button and built-in siren, the watch is a perfect companion no matter where you roam.
Here are some of the best apps for the Apple Watch Ultra.
The Oceanic+ app can turn any Apple Watch Ultra into a full-fledged dive computer. With the dive planner, you can input important info and then see the no-decompression time to see the time limit at a certain depth. While underwater, the watch will display depth, water temperature, heading, and much more. After the dive, you can see information like GPS entry and exit location along with a summary of the dive.
You can even use the Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra to launch directly into the app’s predive screen. And during a dive, selecting the button will mark a compass bearing.
With the free version of the app, you can use depth tracking, GPS tracking, logbook for up to 12 dives, snorkeling use, and more. A subscription unlocks additional features like decompression info, tissue loading, community dive conditions, and much more.
Download: Oceanic+ (Free, subscription available)
If you’re ready to take your Apple Watch Ultra off the beaten path, then you’ll likely need to know the weather conditions. While many great Apple Watch weather apps are available, Weathergraph offers some unique features. If you’re ever away from a cellular or Wi-Fi signal, the app will cache the last known forecast for up to 24 hours so you can always have an idea of what will happen with Mother Nature.
While the Apple Watch app itself is a great way to quickly view the weather conditions, Weathergraph really shines with its Apple Watch complications. One of the headlining options is a beautiful graph that can show the forecast details for a custom period on your watch face.
The app is a free download. A subscription will unlock additional features like a real-time rain/snow forecast and additional forecast sources.
Download: Weathergraph (Free, subscription available)
For the top-notch Apple Watch model, WorkOutDoors is a great alternative to the stock Workout app. The customizable app can track 38 different activities, everything from horse riding to indoor rowing and everything in between. For the workout types, you can configure multiple screens with a pool of more than 600 data fields and graphs so you can see the information most important to you.
You can also associate actions with a specific gesture. So for example, you can double-tap the screen to show the music controls.
That’s far from all. The feature-rich maps can be cached on the watch to use offline, which is perfect when taking the Apple Watch ultra off the beaten path. There is also a topographic vector map option with configurable contours and hill shading perfect for hiking. You can even use a map-only mode when you don’t want to start a workout.
The app’s maps cover the entire planet with no extra purchases needed. It doesn’t require an iPhone to use.
Download: WorkOutDoors ($6.99)
Any skier or snowboarder needs to check out Slopes for the Apple Watch Ultra. As you might have guessed by the name, the app is all about tracking your runs in the winter season. With the watch, you can record a ton of information like top speed, lift time vs. run time, vertical, distance, average speed, and much more.
The app also natively supports the Apple Watch Ultra Action Button. Instead of having to take of your gloves and interact with the screen, you can push the Action Button to begin a workout. The app will automatically figure out what resort you’re at or if you’re in the backcountry.
Slopes is free to download. With an optional subscription, you can unlock additional features like run-by-run maps, offline trial maps, level-of-effort insights recorded on the Apple Watch, and more.
Download: Slopes (Free, subscription available)
Sure, you can download music to your Apple Watch Ultra. But you might not know that you can catch up on an audiobook as well thanks to Audible. You can listen to an audiobook without needing an iPhone, just download the title directly to the Apple Watch Ultra. Just use a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or AirPods, and enjoy a book. You can also stream a title if in range of a cellular or Wi-Fi signal.
While the app is free, a subscription is needed to listen to most of the audiobook selections.
Download: Audible (Free, subscription available)
Never be without a map on your Apple Watch Ultra with Goose Maps. The standalone app is available both offline and online on the wearable device. There’s no need to worry about bringing along an iPhone. You can take advantage of both pedestrian and bike navigation to help get where you’re going. There is even an option to search for places around you like a restaurant or shop. To help locate a popular spot, you can bookmark places to access later.
When away from the city, you can use the hiking map style on the app that will show elevation lines and contrasting trails.
The app is free to download and use for a free, 7-day trial period. After that, you’ll need a subscription to use the app. You can even choose a light or dark color scheme.
Download: Goose Maps (Free, subscription available)
And it might be a surprise, but you can even get a gaming fix on the Apple Watch Ultra. Lifeline: Beside You in Time is the latest text-based game in the series tells the story of hapless astronaut Taylor. You will help them make life-or-death decisions in a branching story.
But there is a big twist, you can also communicate with T2, Taylor’s “evil twin” to help or hinder the efforts. You can respond to Taylor’s text from notifications on your Apple Watch. There’s no need for an Internet connection to play.
Download: Lifeline: Beside You in Time ($3.99)
While the Apple Watch Ultra is a great smartwatch, these apps can help take the experience to a new level. Whether you’re scuba diving, listening to an audiobook, or something else, apps can supercharge your watch experience.
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