The Biggest Games Of February 2023 – Destiny 2 Lightfall, PSVR 2 Games, And More – GameSpot

The Biggest Games Of February 2023 – Destiny 2 Lightfall, PSVR 2 Games, And More – GameSpot

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February is usually a quiet month for gaming, but clearly, that memo wasn’t received in 2023. The month of love is stacked with high-profile releases, ranging from original games, expansions, and bleeding-edge gaming technology that kickstarts a new generation of interactive entertainment. You’ll have to prepare yourself though, as the vast majority of these titles are arriving like a shotgun blast towards the end of the month.
Some of the highlights include Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, a PC port of Housemarque’s Returnal, and a return to the World War frontline in Company of Heroes 3. Beyond that, there’s a great selection of wholesome games on the way as well! Theatrhythm Final Bar Line sounds like the perfect intersection of interests for Final Fantasy fans who can’t get enough of the rich musical scores from that franchise. Atomic Heart brings old-school action to a gunfight, and for Yakuza fans, there’s a chance to travel back in time to a more ruthless era of Japan in Like a Dragon: Ishin.
February is also the month in which Sony launches its PSVR successor, PSVR 2. The technology going into this virtual reality headset is on the cutting edge of what’s possible, although you will be paying a hefty premium for it. There’ll be more than 30 games available for PSVR 2 in the first 30 days of its launch, and while not all of them have concrete release dates just yet, you can expect to get your VR journey rolling with Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7 VR, and Tetris Effect: Connected on launch day.
While Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has done this game no favors with her transphobic comments, developer Avalanche Software appears to have crafted an authentic experience for fans of the wizarding world. Mixing star power with magic gameplay that spells like teen spirit, Hogwarts Legacy will be apparating onto PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S before it rolls out onto Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 later in the year.
One of the best–and most challenging–PS5 console exclusives, Returnal is the latest first-party game from Sony to get a PC port. Housemarque’s sinister roguelike is hard-as-nails and takes no prisoners, throwing you into gauntlets of sci-fi terror that’ll push your skills to the max. On a technical level, expect plenty of refinement and tweaks here, as Returnal is taking full advantage of PC hardware to deliver a visually stunning journey across the alien planet of Atropos.
The Theatrhythm series of games hit all the right notes when it comes to Final Fantasy spin-off material. A rhythm game set in the many worlds of the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Bar Line is going all out with the amount of content that it’ll have on offer. Packed with 385 carefully selected music tracks from the entire series, over 100 characters to choose from, and online multiplayer that’ll feature teams battling to the beat of iconic tracks, Final Bar Line looks set to be a gigantic celebration of all things Final Fantasy.

World War 2 beckons in Company of Heroes 3, the latest entry in the cult-classic real-time strategy series. Featuring the largest single-player campaign in the series yet, Company of Heroes 3 covers the conflict in North Africa, has four playable factions, and some impressive technology that’ll really hammer home the devastation that was seen in the Mediterranean theatre of war.

A game that had for many years been considered impossible to adapt for Western audiences, Sega’s Yakuza spin-off is finally hopping over the Japanese border and going global this month. Set in 1860s Kyoto, players control Sakamoto Ryoma as he seeks revenge for the death of his father. Like other Yakuza games–or Like A Dragon as the series is now officially known as–Ryoma’s a two-fisted force of nature and he isn’t afraid to bring a gun to a swordfight.

Atomic Heart is shaping up to be a love letter to classic first-person shooter games like BioShock, drawing you into a mysterious world that just so happens to be infested with homicidal robots. It has atmosphere and some chunky combat to use against the mechanical hordes, and with plenty of beefy weapons to upgrade, it’s looking like an old-school blast of fun.

It’s the start of a new generation of virtual reality gaming, and Sony is going all-out with PSVR 2 to deliver an experience that builds on the original hardware with major upgrades. A one-two punch of impressive headset gear and controllers that can deliver astonishing levels of haptic feedback, PSVR 2 will land on PS5 with dozens of games released during its launch window period. It’s admittedly a pricy piece of technology to invest in, but if you’re looking for a fresh gaming experience, PSVR 2 could be a game-changer.

There’s no shortage of games planned for PSVR 2 when it arrives, but if there’s one game that’s shaping up to be the killer app for that hardware, it’s this Horizon spin-off that switches from third to first-person action. While you won’t be controlling Aloy in this adventure, you will be tangling with familiar robotic foes and exploring a vast wilderness that has been reclaimed by the android wildlife as you experience every feature of PSVR 2’s technology in this showcase title.

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the most authentic racing game experiences on PS5 right now, and once it gets a PSVR 2 upgrade, expect that level of realism to be dialed up. Gran Turismo 7’s VR mode will be a free upgrade to the existing PS5 version of the game, allowing you to experience the entire campaign through a new perspective.

There’s nothing wrong with more Kirby, and Nintendo is ready to satiate that hunger for more pink blob adventures with a fresh port of a 2011 Wii classic. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe brings the original adventure to Switch this month, and alongside various improvements and enhanced four-player co-op, Kirby will also be fielding plenty of new copy abilities.

The original Octopath Traveler was a surprise hit for Square Enix, as it mixed classic JRPG storytelling with a thrilling combat system and a stunning HD 2D presentation. Fast forward to now, and not too much has changed. While you can expect several quality-of-life updates, the core appeal of what made the original game so beloved has been kept intact. A standalone title set across the intertwined adventures of eight new characters, expect the same gorgeous graphics and the Break and Boost combat system to make a return in this highly anticipated sequel.

The next expansion for Destiny 2 isn’t just a new slice of story to experience and gear to collect, but also a seismic shift in gameplay for the next year. From massive build-crafting changes to the introduction of a new Darkness subclass, Strand, Destiny 2 is overhauling itself for the road that lies ahead. You can also expect a brand-new location to explore, plenty of deadly Exotic weapons to collect, and new enemies to tangle with as you venture into the secret city of Neomuna.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End and the Secret Key releases on February 24. Atelier Ryza 3 was delayed to March 24.


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