Top 15 best Apple Watch games – Pocket Gamer

Top 15 best Apple Watch games – Pocket Gamer

Are you looking for Apple Watch games you can play on the move?
We made you a list of the top 15 best Apple Watch games you can play! When it comes to mobile devices, we often focus on phones and tablets – something everyone seems to have. But, did you know that you can, in fact, play games on your Apple Watch? And there are, actually, a bunch of awesome titles that are fun to play, specifically developed for the small screen and limited button device that you wear around your wrist. 
Long ago, we lived in a time when watches were only clocks. Now, they are gaming devices, they can give you email and text notifications, have the ability to track how active you are and tell the time. It’s amazing, but we are here to talk about games, so if you are looking to play some Apple Watch games, look no further than this list.
It is worth mentioning that you might need to download these onto your phone and play them a bit before you can start playing them on your Apple Watch – so do keep that in mind.
If you are looking to test your trivia knowledge, you can do so on your Apple Watch! Trivia Crack is a trivia game, with six different categories of questions for you to choose from. You can then start answering questions, looking to show off your knowledge and earn crowns. If you feel you know more answers than there are questions, you can create your own in the Factory! Also, here we have a list of the best trivia apps for iPhone and iPad.
BubbleGum Hero is a simple, colourful, fun Apple Watch game with a clever concept. You are able to hold your finger down on your screen, blowing up a bubblegum bubble. Your aim is to have this bubble be bigger than the first circle, but not too big as it will pop! You’ll then score points for your perfect bubbles, which can be used to purchase more bubble gum or more hero skins that you might want to play around with.
Pocket Bandit is an adventure, all in your Apple Watch. This title has you cracking safe combinations while making your way up the ranks, to become the next King of Bandits. There are tons of different locks to pick, combinations to break and dials to turn. The watch itself will even vibrate as you rotate dials and try to break these combinations to get onto the next puzzle. It’s an interesting title, and completely exclusive to the Apple Watch.
Battle Camp is a title for iPhone that was inspired by such games as Pokemon and World of Warcraft. Currently, it is impossible to implement something similar on Apple Watch, so the developers made a different version for this device. In this version, you have an unknown little animal, and you need to take care of it: feed, entertain, and heal. The pet grows, and if you keep it alive until the very end, you will get a free bonus in the iPhone version.
This one is actually a pack of different, retro games that you can play right on your wrist. From the likes of endless runners where you need to dodge enemies to a version of Space Invaders, there are games within this title that will bring nostalgia with a twist. If you are looking for a bunch of games all in one app, Retro Twist is perfect to pick, and there are some unique features in each of its 7 picks.
In Mu – Watch Pet, you have to take care of a bright blue animal called Mu. You will have to assign tasks such as eating, having fun, or playing sports. The completion of the tasks increases the corresponding parameters of the animal. The better the state of Mu, the higher its level. Each task requires coins. So, you have to send your animal to work, get money, and give the tasks. In general, this is the standard gameplay of this genre. If you are looking for a title to relax, Mu – Watch Pet would be a perfect choice.
Lifeline 2 is a text adventure Apple Watch game, with a 20-minute soundtrack if you’re interested in music! It follows the story of Arika, a young woman who must set out on a dangerous adventure to avenge her parents and find her long-lost brother. You will need to make decisions that keep her alive, in hopes of helping her progress on her journey to finally find her brother. It’s well-written and easy to play on your watch.
Touch Round is a racing game for Apple Watch. Move the Digital Crown on your device and try to complete the fastest lap in this thrilling racing adventure. You can choose from 5 tracks and 20 cars, each with different characteristics. It is one of the few racing titles that was designed specifically for Apple Watch, and you can even post your scores on the leaderboard. Compete with your friends to see who is the fastest driver. This is definitely one of the best multiplayer racing games for the Apple Watch. If you’re a fan of cars and speed, you can check the best racing and driving games for Android and the best racing and driving games for iOS.
KOMRAD is a game about an AI soviet computer trying to make contact with you after waking up. This AI was created during the Cold War and has not actually been working, however, you will need to communicate with it now to prevent a nuclear war. There are a lot of intense interactions, waiting around anxiously for the next message, and wondering if you can really prevent this AI from destroying the world.
If you are interested in turn-based strategy games, fear not! Tiny Armies allow you to swipe to move your units, trying to defeat your opponent through small moves and actions, as you overcome mountains, lakes and forests along the way. It can be played solo or through iMessenger with your friends. Despite the small screen size, Tiny Armies shrinks down well, making everything easy to read and understand, even on a tiny screen.
Enjoy the classic ping pong on your Apple Watch! There are 8 different game modes and 65 interesting levels in this arcade title. The graphics are simple but beautiful, and the gameplay is extremely addictive. You should practice a lot if you want to progress through the levels and master the moves. Ping Pong – Watch Retro Game is a great choice when you have nothing to do or have a break at work or school.
Soccer Dribble Cup is a dynamic pixel sports title that has only three rules: dribble past the defenders, reach the opponent’s goal, and score! The graphic is cute and would be adorable for pixel games lovers, and it is easy to play even on a small screen. This is one of the few sports games on the Apple Watch device, and if you are a football fan, you will definitely enjoy Soccer Dribble Cup.
20 Watch Games is another interesting project where you will find 20 different mini-games for Apple Watch. If you are looking for an old-school game, you can play Snake or Mine Sweeper. Want to test your intellectual abilities? Try Number Puzzle or Sudoku! If you want a title where you have to get a high score, you can try Tappy Bird or Block Ninja. In this app, you will definitely find something interesting.
AtomicBox is a simple puzzle game with extremely addictive gameplay that will test your reflexes. You will have to use Digital Crown to rotate the box and catch only black balls while keeping red ones out. Each time you catch the black ball, the number of red ones increases, and the task becomes more complicated. If you are looking for a game to play when you have a few free minutes, AtomicBox is a great option!
Nuggetz is another puzzle game for your Apple Watch. It has a minimalistic design and pretty simple gameplay. Your task is to name the colour of the word written on the screen. So, if the word is “blue” but in a green colour, you should press the answer “green.” Easy? Well, considering the time limit, you are most likely to rush and make a mistake. So, be careful and pay attention to the colours to get a high score.
Hope you liked our top 15 best Apple Watch games! Leave a comment below if you think we can improve the list!


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