Top 7 mobile games like Stardew Valley – Pocket Gamer

Top 7 mobile games like Stardew Valley – Pocket Gamer

Stardew Valley is a game that I absolutely love. The concept is simple yet wholesome. You had a crappy job in an office, but were left a farm somewhere in a small town, by your late grandfather. So, after a long day at the office, you’ve decided enough is enough and you are going to become a farmer. In Stardew Valley, you can plant crops, become friends with the locals, go mining, fish, and so much more while discovering the seasons of the town!
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Stardew Valley is, in fact, a game on mobile – you can play it on Android or iOS devices. However, you might find that after hundreds of hours playing Stardew Valley, you want something fresh, but not too fresh. That’s what this list is! Hopefully, you can find your next Stardew Valley-styled game, that you can play right on your mobile device.
Harvest Moon was a huge inspiration for Stardew Valley, so playing Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a good option when on mobile. This game has you moving to Chestnut Town, to transform a ruined farm into something that can actually grow crops. In this town, the people who lived here have lost their memories – but you are able to create new ones with everyone around you. Much like Stardew Valley, you can farm, get animals, cook, mine, and fish. It’s a game extremely similar to Stardew Valley in every way.
If you ever thought, well Stardew Valley is really wholesome. I like the gameplay, but what if it was less wholesome? Well, Graveyard Keeper is the answer to your wishes. In Graveyard Keeper, a weird haunted skull has given you some land and a house, where you need to create graves and help the people of the town to get back to your home. You can cut corners in burying these bodies and digging these graves, craft items, expand your area, explore the land and much more. It’s a strange game in general, but does feel like Stardew Valley.
Harvest Town does feel directly like a clone of Stardew Valley in many ways. The graphics themselves are really similar, however there are a few different systems within the game that make it a different experience. You have actually gone back in time, to live at your old home as a child again. However, you will need to reconstruct your family farm and make the most of your time in the countryside. You can farm, mine, fish and make friends with the townspeople. It’s a very similar game, though Harvest Town does have some differences in producing goods and selling them to the town.
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If you like Stardew Valley, you’ll like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It’s another wholesome game that doesn’t have a bunch of timers or goals you need to meet quickly. Instead of being on a farm, you are on a campsite, and your neighbors are actually cute animals who you can befriend. You can customize your campsite, create a community, plant some flowers and trees, go fishing, and do many similar items to Stardew Valley. Both games even have different events that you can attend, including fishing tournaments. Though it’s not a farming focused game, it’s still very similar in many ways.
The Island Castaway doesn’t feel as wholesome or personal as Stardew Valley, but does have a lot of the same features. In this game, you have been shipwrecked on an island, and must grow food, build and survive. There is fishing, providing for the people of your new town, and finding secrets within the island, which does feel like Stardew Valley, but The Island Castaway misses the characters within Stardew Valley, that you can get to know and become a part of. If you are looking for a mechanic-similar game, however, The Island Castaway is your best bet.
Kingdom Two Crowns is a strategy inspired by the Japanese culture of the Middle Ages. The player will have to complete such tasks as populating feudal Japan, enlisting the support of ninjas, building castles, planting sakura, making a strong economy, and repelling the attacks of a mythical evil. Also, you have the option of playing with your friend. The co-op will allow you to explore territories much more effectively, study technologies, strengthen your defense, and fight enemies. The gameplay of Kingdom Two Crowns is a bit more into planning, however, those games have a lot of similar features to Stardew Valley.
New World: Castaway Paradise is the ultimate game in which the player goes to a tropical island. It will be your personal island, where you can create whatever you want in the style of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. Catch fish, decorate your house, grow vegetables and fruits, and complete quests. On the big island, you can also meet other settlers who periodically need a different kind of help. In addition, the game New World: Castaway Paradise has an automatic change of seasons, which affects the gameplay and makes it more diverse.


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