Video Streaming Market Is Expected To Reach around USD 59.14 … – GlobeNewswire

Video Streaming Market Is Expected To Reach around USD 59.14 … – GlobeNewswire

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Farmington, Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Global Video Streaming Market Size Was Valued At USD 59.14 Billion In 2022 And Is Expected To Expand At A CAGR Of 21.3% From 2022 To 2030. The COVID-19 pandemic has been shocking and has never happened before. When compared to levels before the pandemic, demand for video streaming is higher than expected in all areas. Our research shows that the global market will grow by 5.7% more in 2020 than it did in 2019.
In the report, different companies like Netflix Inc., Hulu LLC, IBM Corp., Inc., and others offer different ways to deliver software and content. Some of the streaming channels and services that these companies offer are HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Crackle, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, Acorn TV, and others.
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Recent Developments:
Segment Overview
Streaming Type Insights
With a market share of almost 61.5%, live streaming made the most money in 2021. This market is growing because digital media devices are becoming more popular and people have easier access to faster internet for online media. A few more things that make live video streaming better are the lack of ads, the ability to watch on mobile devices, the use of a lot of content, the possibility of a large audience, and high-quality broadcasts. Live video streaming has kept its high value because of live events like sports games and concerts. On the other hand, non-linear streaming is expected to grow a lot in the next few years because it is easy to use and makes it possible to link series together. Some other things that help the non-linear streaming segment of the industry grow are watch-time options, no buffering, high capacity, and the ability to pause live. Video-on-demand is likely to become popular with people of all ages because it can be streamed in two ways.
Solutions Insights
In the OTT category, almost 44% of the market was in 2021. OTT solutions let people watch movies and TV shows online without having to pay for traditional cable or Pay-TV. During the projection period, the category is expected to grow a lot because there is a growing need for better business process automation and broadband infrastructure is now everywhere. New OTT features like hybrid ways to make money, digital original content, and the fragmentation of content caused by fierce competition are likely to speed up the growth of this segment.
Platform Insights
In 2021, nearly 31% of the market was made up of smartphones and tablets, so they made the most money. This group is getting bigger because it’s getting easier to use the internet, there’s more money, living conditions are getting better, and people’s ways of living are changing. Also, the smart TV market is expected to grow a lot over the next few years because it has so many TV channels and video streaming services like Netflix.

Regional Outlook:                                                                                                                                                    
North America is expected to have the biggest share of the video streaming market over the next few years. This is because it is home to big companies like Netflix, Inc., Alphabet, Inc.,, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and others. Also, more and more people in the U.S. and Canada use platforms for video on demand and video games, which helps the market grow. The Entertainment Software Association says that about 214 million people in the U.S. will play video games in 2020. 75% of all homes have at least one person who plays video games.
Asia Pacific’s share of the global video streaming market is expected to grow very quickly over the next few years. More and more people are using video streaming services like video on demand and over-the-top (OTT) platforms, so the market is growing quickly. Also, big players in Asia-Pacific like Disney+ Hotstar, Tencent Holdings Ltd., and others are making streaming software and growing their services. Tencent Holdings Ltd., for example, started a video streaming service in Thailand in July 2020 so that it could grow its business outside of China. All of Thailand can now get the company’s WeTV, Tencent’s JOOX music and streaming service, and its mobile PUBG game.
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Scope of Report:
Live streaming is one of the best features that has been driving up the market value of the Video Streaming Industry. With this feature, the business can grow by getting in direct contact with the right people. So that they will be able to answer any questions about business with ease. Where do most people get more money these days? As this is at the top of the mountain. So, more and more people are using live video streaming on streaming services all over the world.
People’s lives have changed a lot as the pandemic has spread over the past few days. So, the governments of many countries put in place rules to stop the pandemic from getting worse. Because of this, people started to stay at home and do their business online. The way Video Streaming works changed because of this. The lockdown has made video streaming more valuable on the market.
Key Segments Covered:
Top Market Players:
IBM Corporation (U.S.), Alphabet Inc., (U.S.), com, Inc. (U.S.), Netflix, Inc., (U.S.), Hulu LLC (The Walt Disney Company) (U.S.), Brightcove, Inc. (U.S.), Apple, Inc. (U.S.), Roku, Inc. (U.S.), Haivision, Inc. (U.S.), Tencent Holdings Ltd. (China), and others.
By Product
By Streaming Type
By Component
By Solutions
By Platform
By Service
By Revenue Model
By Deployment Type
By End User
Regions and Countries Covered
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