Virginia Tech basketball coach Mike Young speaks on Hokies' hot shooting vs. Duke, win over Blue Devils – 247Sports

Virginia Tech basketball coach Mike Young speaks on Hokies' hot shooting vs. Duke, win over Blue Devils – 247Sports

Virginia Tech basketball snapped a seven-game losing streak with a 78-75 victory over Duke Monday night in Blacksburg, Virginia. The Hokies (12-8, 2-7 ACC) saw Grant Basile put up 24 points on 10-of-15 shooting and grab eight rebounds in the win, as Mike Young and company withstood a 29-point performance from Duke’s Kyle Filipowski.
It was one of the best shooting night’s of the season for Virginia Tech (14-6, 5-4). The Hokies shot 57.1% from the field and hit 10 of their 19 shots from 3-point range (52.6%).
“I’m not really sure how to answer that,” Young said of why Virginia Tech shot so well. “We looked awfully comfortable. Good lord, we’re down 7-0. We had a good rhythm. Pedulla got a bomb down in front of Duke’s bench there during that stretch. The ball had energy, our spacing was quite good, playing the game the way the thing’s supposed to be played. We haven’t done that very well here over the last little bit.”
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Young was pleased with his team’s performance, and here is some of what he had to say after a big win:
“I’m glad I could one in my favor. I haven’t heard anything about it. If our two were flops at Clemson — we haven’t had one called all year and get two in the same game and now three minutes apart. My gosh, what are we doing? So, nothing came across my desk. (ACC supervisor of officials) Bryan Kersey — who’s excellent — hasn’t said anything to me. I was watching that play tonight and I think that was (Duke guard Jeremy) Roach — I think — I don’t know. I really don’t know.”
“He’s having a very good freshman year. His play over the last three (games) — he’s graduated to an elevated class status. He’s not playing like a freshman. He shot out of an action tonight, which in a critical spot we had something for (Sean) Pedulla. He’s got it. He’s seen a lot of plays now — we’re 21 games or whatever we are (into the season). Getting that foul shot down to take it to three (points), the floater in the lane, the three in the second half, and I’ve got him guarding Mark Mitchell. Good luck to you — he’s 6-foot-4. He fought his tail off and did a great job for our team — awfully proud of him.”
“A great deal — great deal. They (Duke) played well enough to win. We played a good ballgame at Virginia. Nice for the fruits of your labor to be recognized and rewarded.”
“We’re kind of throwing things against the wall in hopes that we find something that we can get our teeth in. And that can sometimes be difficult with our ability to switch. They don’t want to switch with (Ryan) Young and (Dereck) Lively. They will with Lively, some. They want to keep it man-on-man with their length. And those are really good basketball players. We score 78 in here, make 10 3s, Hunter Cattoor looked like Hunter Cattoor again, he’s been good, he was good at UVA, I can’t play without him, fellas. 
“(Sean) Pedulla had his best game, by far, in quite some time. He’s a floor general, he had one bad shot in transition, but he played a good basketball game for us. (Grant) Basile was terrific, maybe his best. He was awfully good in here against Dayton, he’s having a good year for us, but he belonged on that floor. Asserted himself, was aggressive, took them into the post a couple of times and bang, bang, got to the charge circle and got up over his left shoulder and got a couple down. He was really good. Really proud of Grant.”
“Well, you older people understand that there will be some adversity. You’d be in that category — so would I. There will be some adversity in your life, and this bunch continues to work. They didn’t point fingers. Young people can tend to separate — they want to rid themselves — it’s awful, it’s terrible. It’s terrible. It’s brutal — for everybody, but they stuck in there together, continued to practice well. We’re up two Saturday (against Clemson) and Hunter Tyson hits a big shot. Good win. Good win. Proud of my team — really am.”
“He’s coming on. He’s coming on — he’s old. I’m not sure he’s the best person. He’s a wonderful young man, and he’s had his moments. He can step back. He can back away from the action. You can’t do that. As I said earlier, he was aggressive, he was assertive and he was really good. Twenty-four points against that bunch — against that front line is awfully impressive.”
“Yes sir, yes sir. I’ve said before and you guys have heard me — a lot of times young people press coaches — ‘I’ve got to score.’ We talk about it everyday — hustle plays, 50-50 balls, rebounding, guarding your yard, guarding your man, helping a teammate do his job, and he’s always embraced that. They (Duke) had nine offensive rebounds. That was the third-lowest total on the year for the team that came in here — the third best rebounding team nationally behind Kentucky and Tennessee. Houston is four. On the other side of that, Filipowski made four 3s in eight, nine league games and he touches me up for four tonight. That’s great coaching. That’s living right, man.” 
“Well, he had four fouls —  he had three. I was trying to get him (rest) until the under-12 (media timeout) and I got him to the under-12 (media timeout). And Grant was doing a pretty good job on Filipkowski. Now, can I get him to nine (minute mark)? We’re not going to go to the under-eight (media timeout). He picked up (foul No.) four. I forget what exactly I did.
“Win was good again tonight. We are developing some depth here — I just thought MJ Collins was playing so well that he gobbled up a number of minutes that Darius Maddox gets, but Darius Maddox will always be in the mix as long as I’m here.”
“Well, that ceiling was bearing down on my head there a couple days ago (laughs). We haven’t been great, but we’ve got a really good offensive team. We were awesome defensively at Clemson, and we sputtered. It’s really odd. I don’t recall — Clemson starts four post players. Now, that is because of injury. … Mark Mitchell is a man. Filipowski — he is a dude. Of course Ryan Young and Lively — just felt like we had to counter that. We went to the guard with MJ on Mark Mitchell and (Duke head coach) Jon (Scheyer) countered that with three guards. There’s a lot of things flying around.”
“I wasn’t sure we could do it. Justyn means that much to us. Hats off to (center) Lynn (Kidd) and Grant. I thought we had just enough pressure on the ball. When they put it in the post, we trapped them a couple of times in the second half. I thought that was good for us, but a real feather in those two kids’ hat. They got us home. They got us home — by enlarge. Fun to see — a lot of fun to see.”
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